A cat lost in New York came home and rang the doorbell, and now it’s gone viral

The Whitley family, owner of the cat Lily I had moments of stress and anxiety After she left the house and did not return for several days.

Stephanie the mother of the house, He never thought technology would be responsible for giving him the good news From the triumphant return of the amulet, metamorphosis also The story spreads quickly.

It all started when the family moved Long Island, New York. They were barely adjusting to their new home and expected their pet to do the same, but it seems that The change of scene did not go well with Lily, as they had barely settled when she left without anyone having a clue where she was for about a week.

According to the information he cited New Heraldthese people think so Everything is lost and their cat, with whom they lived a little over eight years, will not return: “Lily always comes home…she is a very smart cat. She responds to her name. When someone calls her, she comes. I never doubted he would come home, but This particular moment was differentWhiteley said.

A cat rang her doorbell to announce her arrival

The woman, of course, meant that They were in a new neighborhood, unknown to pets So they thought he wouldn’t know how to get back. However, everyone was shocked by what happened on the night of August 14.

They were in the room so sad and quit because the pet disappeared when heard the doorbell. It was about ten at night, so they were immediately surprised, because at that time they did not usually receive visitors: “We all looked at each other, as if asking Who was knocking on the door at this time of nightStephanie remembers.

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The smart doorbell, connected to a TV screen, rang, and they immediately saw a bunch of gray fur, similar to Lily’s. His face was seen at the same time he was desperate for his companions to hear his call. He asked to enter the house the same way people enter, through a camera doorbell.

In the background of the already circulating video, you can hear how the whole family was surprised to see her: “We’re losing. We’re all laughing. It was so exciting. We’re crying. It was a great moment… I don’t know how she found us, but she definitely knows what a Ring Camera is,” the owner told the portal. PIX11.

“We lose. We all laugh. It was so exciting. We cried,” the cat owners rememberPIX11

Ring is an intelligent video-based monitoring system. It is connected to a screen that the residents of the house can see from the inside, letting them know Whoever knocks on the door and even answers from anywhere. It connects via Wi-Fi, so residents can answer the call from any mobile device.

Lily seems to know exactly how to work: “Every time the ‘stimulus’ is activated (when they knock and the doorbell rings), she looks at the door. She knows exactly what they’re doingWheatley confirmed.

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