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The trial began this Tuesday Spain They call itCannibal sales“Or the”Tupperware cannibals, In the Madrid District Court. Alberto Sanchez Gomez, 28, is facing a prosecutor’s request for 15 years in prison for the murder of his mother. In addition to that, they requested another five months because they had desecrated his body.

Two years ago, this man killed Maria Soledad Gomez, 69. But as if that wasn’t enough, then His mother’s body was cut to pieces Too small“, s Eat most of them. He stated that the remaining pieces were said to have been given to his dog.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, With his dog, who was to feed him parts from his murdered mother. (Instagram)

Last Monday, the accused attended the jury formation and according to local media such as El País, he was seen.calm‘Without provocation’No quarrelAccording to the details provided by someone who was present in the room.

Take the public ministry He exacerbates the relationship with his victim and also demands compensation of € 90,000 for his older brother.

It was Sanchez Gomez He was arrested on February 23, 2019. She was a friend of her mother, who reported her missing. Two police officers appeared at the woman’s house, in the Ventas neighborhood of Madrid. When the killer opened the door for them, they found the body severed, one part in the house and another in the refrigerator.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez His mother denounced him several times before her death. (Instagram)

His mother, Maria Soledad Gómez, a widow, had already denounced the abuse of her son 12 times before his death.

The Prosecutor’s Office reports in a letter that The man after a fight, attacked his mother. After choking her to death, he carried the corpse to the bedroom, placed it on the bed, and cut it down with a carpenter’s saw and kitchen knives he had in the house. At this time the defendant was 26 years old.

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And it was Sanchez Gómez who admitted this to the National Police He kept the remains of his body for him and his dog to eat. He kept them for 15 days in a vault in his fridge and on the floor. In addition, the police found human remains inside a black bag in room D. Litter from the building he used to live in with his mother.

The trial of the cannibal who ate his mother

Alberto Gomez Sanchez It was stated at the trial that ”
He heard voices in his head(Courtesy of: The Country)

According to local media, This Tuesday, the defendant declared at trial that “He heard voices in his head“And who listened?”Hidden messagesThis came out of the TV.

28 years old He also said he did not remember cutting up his mother or gobbling up parts of her body.

This killing caused a sensation in Spain. Sanchez Gomez was nicknamed “Cannibal salesTo the neighborhood he used to live in with his mother andCannibals in the holster“Because of the methodology used to preserve the remains of the victim.

Video: It’s Alberto Sanchez Gomez, “cannibals of Tupperware cans”

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