A Canadian man received a lottery letter telling him he won $100,000, but he thought it was just an advertisement

The lottery winner said that he plans to share the winnings with his loved ones.

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A man from Ontario, Canada, got a huge surprise one morning when he found out he had won the lottery, when he was told, he didn’t understand it was a real thing. Sanjay Puri, a Brampton resident, purchased an online lottery ticket for the Lotto Max draw that took place on August 9, 2022..

The 58-year-old seller said he received an email from the lottery saying he had won. However, since he hadn’t fully awakened yet when he saw the message, he thought it was just an announcement.

However, he noticed something unusual in the email that made him check it out again.

Looking closely at the letter, Puri learned that she had matched the last six of the seven numbers in the game “Encore” in the exact order He won 100,000 Canadian dollars (about 75,388 US dollars).

His wife was in complete disbelief when he told her the news.

“She couldn’t believe it was possible,” said Puri, who has two children and two grandchildren, according to the Daily Hive.

The lottery winner said that he plans to share the winnings with his loved ones. “My wife, daughter and son will all receive a salary”He said.

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