A British couple celebrates a wedding inspired by Formula 1 and goes viral

Alisha Divani and Luke Divani are a married couple United kingdom that spread very quickly Social mediaAfter sharing that they had a very strange wedding, because it was the subject of the team Red Bull subordinate Formula 1.

Through FacebookAlisha posted the photos with all the details of her celebration.

“Our wedding is Formula 1 / Red Bull. Even Max is in the picture,” the bride wrote, followed by a series of photos.

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You can see in the pictures a cake that simulates a race track with three cars. Also, a car as a table decoration, accompanied by a banner with the name “Alisha”. Meanwhile, at the entrance to the hall there is a table bearing the names of the various UK race tracks, which is used to allocate the tables for each guest.

Also, the couple is depicted with a cardboard scale figure of the Dutch pilot Max Verstappen.


To date, the post has over 1,600 replies, shared around 280 times and with over 400 comments, including the following: “Just joking, I loved the cake,” “I just need a boyfriend hahahahaha,” “Absolutely amazing. The cake is great and a party” The wedding in Formula 1 is a dream wedding”, followed by many congratulations to the couple.

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