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The system of measures imposed under the Trump administration against immigration is being dismantled. The US Department of Homeland Security on Monday announced the end of the Migrant Protection Protocol (PPM) known as stay in mexicoAnd the A procedure adopted in 2020 so that asylum seekers in our country are waiting for the immigration authorities to respond, which means supporting their maintenance and leaving them in unsafe conditions.

Earlier in May, the same administration now responsible for Cuban-American Alejandro Mallorcas announced that the so-called Section 42, also imposed by Trump, had been canceled, by which he tightened his anti-immigrant strategy as it bans the entry of immigrants “to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the territories.” American”.

Trump was shocked by images of migrant caravans crossing the Sochiat River bridge on Mexico’s southern border in October 2018. Three months later he decided to create the controversial exhibition. stay in mexico Since its implementation, it is estimated that it has returned about 70,000 people to border towns moving from Tijuana to Matamoros to await immigration hearings in US courts.

Removing this ruling was a real run for Biden. He has promised to do so since the campaign, and when he took office in January 2021, he halted that policy that was later challenged by Republican governments like that of Texas. The judge suspended the decree appealed by the Biden government, which was approved by the Supreme Court in a close vote on the last day of June after a tough legal battle…and political.

Since implementing this program, it is estimated that CBP has expelled 1.7 million asylum seekers. On the other hand, the Biden government has deemed it necessary to end Section 42 due to the decline in Covid cases.

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The abolition of anti-immigrant measures is undoubtedly good news, but it does mean a return to the previous scenario of the Trump administration. In other words, the structural problems of immigration flows (which increased dramatically during 2022) were not attacked at their roots: in 2021, 29,000 Mexican immigrants, 10,000 of them under Title 42, were deported, among others.

Addressing migration with a human rights-based approach and concluding a major comprehensive and regional development agreement remains pending. On July 14, Biden offered Mexico to increase temporary work visas but without specifying a number. The immigration agenda is open while waiting for far-reaching agreements (including many for humans).

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