A black hole “blew up” a star that devoured it years ago

During observations made in 2018 of a galaxy located 655 million light-years from Earth, astronomers documented how The black hole AT2018hyz charges a star After 3 years, they were surprised to discover this black hole Sucks the remnants of a celestial body “burp”according to Harvard University.

During their studies, they were published in the journal Astrophysical JournalThe academics analyzed data from several radio telescopes located at observatories in the United States, Chile, South Africa and Australia, as well as from the X Chandra and Swift Neil Gehrels space observatories, and found that The black hole was mysteriously revived in June 2021which emitted a luminous flash visible millions of light years away.

An unprecedented phenomenon
Typically, scientists note that this luminous flux occurs shortly after a tidal disturbance event. A phenomenon in which a attracted star begins to stretch, or “spaghetti,” under the influence of gravity, and the elongated material orbits around the black hole, creating a glow when it reaches extremely high temperatures.

According to experts, The ejected material travels at about 50% of the speed of light. Notable fact, as outflows generally do so by 10%. “It’s as if this black hole suddenly started ejecting a bunch of material from the star that ate it years ago. […] This totally surprised us. “Nobody’s seen anything like this before,” explained Yvette Sendez, co-author of the publication.

“At AT2018hyz, there was radio silence for the first three yearsand has now brightened dramatically to become one of the most radioactive TDEs ever […] This is the first time we have observed such a large delay between feeding and flow.”

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After the results are obtained, the researchers will continue to investigate the phenomenon to determine whether it occurs regularly in the development of TDE, or whether it is an unusual event, as published RT.

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