A bike lane is being built in the Los Rios Valley

The Los Rios Strait is a historical problem that negatively affects the lives of hundreds of families living in its surroundings due to the unpleasant odors, clouds of garbage and the danger to life when it overflows, but for more than a year the problem began to be finally solved.

The Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD), in recent management, began the rehabilitation process 4 km from John F. Kennedy Avenue to the area known as Isabel Villa.

In part of the natural drainage channel are placed double tubes of 80 inches each from the start of the canyon to Los Rios, but at La Yucca Road the connection is made through boxing.

On the valley, CAASD is constructing a bike lane that will allow residents of the affected sectors to take advantage of the space in which solid waste and smelly liquid flow and restore security to residents along the entire river bank.

These works are part of the Sewer and Sewer Master Plan, in addition to solving the risks and pollution caused by the canyons, they solve the problems of other spaces for the people’s enjoyment.

Work has been in progress, but authorities have not officially announced when it will be completed.

Some inconveniences

In the development of the business, some problems arose among the residents of Los Rios, who, realizing the importance of the work, realized that there should have been more coordination with the authorities.

The Las Colinas de Los Ríos neighborhood council welcomes the initiative and says it appreciates it in all its dimensions, but is concerned about the green zone that some people occupy in that part.

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Irenia Garcia, Chair of the Community Organization, condemns that some people have built homes and businesses in the protected area bordering the valley, and that the authorities have not reported what they will do.

It indicates that as an organization that monitors the good of everyone, they are fighting to preserve that natural lung they have, now in better conditions and although they have reached different states with visits and deliver messages with their concerns, they are not receiving answers.

We fear that in the end they will remain there and the state will not transfer them because we do not have any guarantees from any of the state agencies to help us with that. CAASD wouldn’t approach us if we went first when the bike path was said to be starting, and they told us that a place to camp was needed, but they didn’t talk to us again, “he said.

The community leader indicates four families who have the same number of homes adjacent to the Narrow Valley. Plus, they realize that these same people have grocery stores and a car wash on the little island next to the bike lane.

“As a neighborhood council, we ask the authorities to come and get a message in this regard,” he said. “There are more homes there and this should not be because this is a green area,” he said.

However, it was reported that the CAASD Department of Social Affairs is conducting a dialogue with the occupants of the homes to relocate them to other locations.

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But the version that the riders have is different. Ernesto Hernandez, the owner of most of the properties, says he does not know if they occupy a green area, but confirms that he was born on the site 32 years ago when his father was the one who took care of the area.

He notes that his father was working with a family devoted to construction and it was assumed that they were allowed to live on the place that belonged to the 63rd plot of land.

He points out that he always took care to keep the place clean long ago before discussing the work that is being done in the place today.

“We don’t have an address, if that’s the reason, if that’s the case, 99.9% of the poor area doesn’t have it, I’ve washed, and since 99 I’ve been washing since I was 12 years old, my father passed away when I was 14 and took care of four siblings Most mothers and the state did not give me pesos. All I did was work. I collected bottles, cleaned shoes, sold black dirt, threw garbage, all in an honest way. “

He stated that all he wants is to be allowed to work in peace, and that he does not harm anyone, on the contrary, he contributes to society and attributes attacks to two or three people who call themselves community leaders.

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