96% of iPhone users have blocked Facebook and now Zuckerberg is threatening to charge them

The Application Tracking Transparency (ATT), Which is a new privacy feature an Apple Debuting on iOS 14.5, it’s a hit: according to new data from app analytics company Flurry, only 4% of Iphone In the United States, they left tracking active in apps. This is for The social networking site Facebook He does not like anything.

App Tracking Transparency, released with iOS 14.5, is Apple’s new privacy feature that requires you to Apps request permission to track it.

Users can also disable tracking for all apps by default.

Hence, iOS 14.5 users have the option, instead of enabling or disabling app tracking entirely, to Choose a restricted position, So that the applications that have access to this information can be selected one by one.

Flurry Media has posted a very low number of users who have left the job active. Flurry Media Pictures

Facebook is not happy with this as it is making money by tracking our web activity. For this reason, the company intimidates users by warning that they may be charged for using its services (InstagramAnd the The WhatsApp Others are very popular).

Facebook has set a notification with the goal of getting iOS users to consent to the tracking. They ask, “Help keep Facebook free.”

The blockade is a major concern for Facebook

From April 26, the date the ATT came into effect, to May 6, the numbers representing users who don’t want to be tracked have ranged from 11% to 13% worldwide and between 2% and 5% in the United States. . From the analysis firm they believe this trend can continue in the long term.

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“So far, apps have been able to rely on Apple’s Advertiser Identifier (IDFA) to track users for advertising and targeting purposes. With the release of iOS 14.5 this week, Mobile apps should now request permission For users who upgraded to iOS 14.5 to collect tracking data. As they clarified from the study, the participation rates are expected to be low.

Blocking hurts Facebook's business.  Photo by AFP

Blocking hurts Facebook’s business. Photo by AFP

Flurry Analytics, owned by Verizon Media, is used in more than 1 million mobile applications, providing information aggregated through 2 billion mobile devices per monthThey added to explain how the system works.

This number increases a little if you consider international users: 11% of users worldwide allowed apps to track them.

App tracking transparency requires that apps obtain user permission before they track their data on third-party websites or apps for advertising, or share their data with data brokers. Applications can request permission from users, and in settings, users will be able to see which applications have requested permission to track so that they can make changes to their choice at any time, “they added from Flurry.

As more iPhone owners upgrade to iOS 14.5, we will begin to better understand the average number of users who subscribe and refuse to track the app. However, these first few numbers tell a very clear story: The vast majority of people want their privacy.

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