93% of the reviews for this game are positive and you can get it free and forever on Steam – Hue

Hue is a puzzle platform video game that you can claim on Steam until 7:00 PM on June 8

Practically every weekend we have free gaming news that you can stay forever, thus expanding your Steam, GOG, or Epic Games library. PC gamers are more fortunate in this respect than console gamers as they can spend many hours enjoying the action They give up Completely with nothing in return.

Get Hue for free on Steam

On this occasion, we echo the notice of a regular reader of the web, because he pointed out that on Steam Hue it can be claimed completely free and forever. You currently have time until 19:00 on June 8th. It has very positive user reviews, with 93% of the reviews being positive. As it turns out, this work is attracting a lot of attention due to its dark aesthetic and color in certain situations.

Hugh is a video game Platforms and puzzles which uses a color palette-based mechanic to progress through the stage. Its narrative is very much related to the player’s narrative as it tells a story dealing with certain topics such as Love, loss, existence, or regret. The little protagonist must use his ability to overcome and find various obstacles his missing mother.

Another free and forever game

If you are a fan of trains and high speed, then there is a video game for you to do too prompt from steam And forever. It comes to TGV Voyages Train Simulator And you have until next June 2 at 7:00 PM. In this case, the video game has some Various reviewsbut it might surprise you if you’re passionate about the world of railways.

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