90% fail to find the word “Autumn” hidden in the alphabet soup. Can you do it? Teach me about science

It’s time to train those neurons, and the best way to get positive results in your brain is through visual games that challenge your skills and experience.

next one mystery The visual we have dedicated to you, you will love it, because it will put your power of observation and attention to the maximum. It will be very useful to improve visual skills, which allows for better social development, especially in children, and also stimulates them to explore space, learn coordination and can better understand the world, they only need their eyes and learn to use them.

It is pertinent to state that appearance and observation are not the same, and for observation one must pay attention to an element, without allowing distractions and then analyze it later to arrive at a conclusion.

Today’s visual challenge consists of a word search presented by a team Gorgeous Guru, a word hidden in it and your duty to find it in record time. Can you find the season of the year and at the same time prepare for the reception it deserves?

Find the word “Autumn” in the letter search, you have 7 seconds

picture: Gorgeous Guru

We start with a season of the year loved by thousands of people, a time characterized by providing fresh and cool air, after a hot summer, autumn takes a leading role by being able to contemplate the falling leaves of trees and being able to observe the slowly changing landscape.

Where is the word “autumn” hidden?

Look at the word search below for the answer.

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picture: Gorgeous Guru

So now you have finished today’s visual challenge, keep improving your skills with other similar puzzles, such as sudoku, crossword puzzles, and challenges where objects or mistakes are searched. Enjoy word search and fall puzzles!

Share knowledge, share knowledge.

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