9 original new cases were confirmed

The Córdoba Ministry of Health has confirmed new original cases of dengue for the 2022-2023 season in the province. These are nine people from the city of Cordoba, who have no travel history to other regions of the country or abroad.

Last Monday, two cases of dengue, notified by the provincial health system, were found when they went to a health center with symptoms consistent with the disease.

As of the notification, control measures have been implemented in the area, with seven more cases detected so far.

“The nine people received outpatient medical care, without requiring hospitalization, and are developing positively,” said Laura Lopez, director of the Department of Epidemiology.

The specialist also explained that control measures reduce the risk of disease transmission: “These operations include fumigation both indoors and outdoors in the area under study, in addition to providing recommendations for the elimination of potential breeding sites and for the necessary environmental management to reduce the population of mosquitoes that may become infected.” The research was also added. About febrile patients who may have the disease or have had it without noticing it.

The Ministry of Health indicated that for blocking measures to be effective and to control the outbreak, it is necessary for neighbors to allow health personnel to enter their homes and to participate by taking the recommended preventive measures.

It should be noted that the team carries an accreditation card and identification number, and has the logos of the Ministry of Health. If you have any questions regarding these processes, you can call 0800 1221 444.

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So far in the 22/23 season, a total of 16 cases of dengue have been reported, of which 11 are purebred, all from the capital; Five of them have travel histories to Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Regarding chikungunya, there are eight cases with a history of travel to Paraguay.

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