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Mental agility involves completing tasks quickly and efficiently, and there are certain exercises that help improve this ability by saying, reading, listening to music, or participating in mental games. It is very important to stimulate this ability, and puzzles not only develop the mind, but also reduce stress and anxiety levels.

In the same way, rest, walking, proper diet and participation in other types of games are recommended so that fruitful training focused on visual acuity and mental agility is achieved.

What is the mystery of today?

In this visual puzzle, you are presented with a spreadsheet containing the word “Row” It has two different words, to complete this challenge all you have to do is find them before the given time.

You should not just look, but watch and use it in all its splendor until you find it in the next illustration and finish before the appointed time. It must be emphasized that this is one of the puzzles Most popular on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, don’t stay away and also compete for the best time. Only great observers and analysts will succeed in this visual puzzle.

Locate the word ‘Pray’ and ‘REGAR’ in 7 seconds

picture: Gorgeous Guru

We will help you find at least one word, follow the guide.

Track No. 1

Focus your gaze on the first column.

Take another look at the previous image and then come back so you can figure out the solution.

over here This is where the two words are

This visual challenge will probably be difficult for you because of the time, however, it is a great way for you to improve your visual and mental acuity, so we invite you to continue to participate in this type of game. Now, you know the location of two different words from the rest of the spreadsheet.

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picture: Gorgeous Guru

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