7 handy and easy tricks to learn to organize

The disturbance He is one of the main enemies of home organization Because frustratesannoying and Subtract time from productivity When doing different activities. Although it is impossible to always have a house orderly, it is also true that the surplus of things and Objects scattered and out of place can affect physical healthmentality and directly affect our mood.

As he usually says Marie’s apartmentThe Japanese who invented system philosophyThe first step to organizing the home is to get rid of everything we don’t use or don’t need. But the second step, no less important, is development Habits to maintain this order Without much effort, this costs a lot for those people who are messy by nature.

Before starting to order, it will be convenient to be aware of what it really is home condition. As IG account creator The Organization Wiz explained, Ingrid Hajnala Clarion“so that organisation is being effectiveIt must be enforced according to the constitution family. It wouldn’t be the same for someone who lives alone as it would be for a couple with kids.”

The first step to organizing the home is to get rid of everything we don’t use or don’t need. Photo: shutterstock

How to start ordering the house and not give up trying?

To start the routine of order and organization at home, there are three golden rules to follow literally: clearedAnd the cleaning process s Organize one room at a time.

In this sense, the professional organizer Brenda Hayes He made it clear that in order not to abandon the task in the middle, before starting, two things should be taken into account, “You have enough time to start with a distance and Finish it on the same day“.

On the other hand, advised Don’t take it all at oncebut divide the space into several parts and finish one part at a time, and Don’t go to the next day so no With the completion of the previous.

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IG account creator too Your Organized SpaceAlso, in detail what are files complementary objects That you will have to rely on when starting to organize the house, which will help facilitate everything:

Consortium exchanges Black, green or another color to separate trash from things to donate.

· Staircase To reach all high shelves.

ironing board. It will serve as a support place for folding clothes when organizing the closet and separating and sorting all kinds of items.

· Vacuum Cleaner. For cleaning corners and floors of cabinets and drawers.

· And of course Folding panels or molds Strictly all of your clothes.

How to tidy up the house and keep it organized: 7 easy and useful hacks

Everything is easier When it’s organized and tidy,” explained Hagnall, who assures that even the messiest of people can change the slide and acquire new habits.

He also emphasized, “It is an act that he can do at will special meansAnd the Does not involve expenses and most importantly, high quality of lifeIn this sense, he also highlighted the importance of Ignore what has not been usedand separate sort into boxes What is preserved. Finally, give it a location and name it at the end so the whole family knows where to take it and where to return it.”

next one, 7 simple and very useful hacks To apply and leave the house in order:

1. Clean surfaces

generally Flat surfaces are a magnet for clutter, because all kinds of things pile up on them. The ideal is to give each one a specific place.

Thus, on demand, it may happen that all things left on the table, or on the piece of furniture will not find a destination, and they are due to be thrown away upon realizing that they, in addition, are not. It is useful and does not make sense to keep it.

Putting important clothes or papers in baskets or boxes helps maintain order in the home.  Photo: Archive
Putting important clothes or papers in baskets or boxes helps maintain order in the home. Photo: Archive
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2. Goodbye papers

Leaves pile up easily and make a mess. One way to keep it in one place and keep order is Put them in your filing cabinetsAnd the trays also Insertion It is intended only for the sake of it.

However, you should only keep papers that may have short-term interest and remove those that are of no use and only take up space, such as bills that are past due by more than a year or old notes.

3. Dirty clothes in one place

It is very common to take off soiled clothing and leave it on a chair, on the bed, or on the floor. Ideal for maintaining order Use basket Wicker, plastic, or any other material placed near the bathroom or bedrooms, where one would usually undress.

In this way, it will prevent the clothes from spreading around and will help with this improve time Because all the dirty clothes will be in one place.

The kitchen is the most used room in the house and the most difficult to arrange.  Photo: Shutterstock Illustration
The kitchen is the most used room in the house and the most difficult to arrange. Photo: Shutterstock Illustration

4. The kitchen is the main place to keep order

It is impossible to keep the kitchen always bright and tidy, because it is one of the most used rooms in the house, but making some changes and Incorporate specific daily habits It will be enough to control everything further.

Cooking requires the use of many ingredients, so the first step Put public order It is the placement of pots and containers in boxes marked on furniture or on shelves. This will help you find them easily and not spread everything on the table.

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On the other hand, a habit that must be incorporated and applied every day is Wash during cooking. In this way, the chaos that usually remains at the end of this task is avoided.

5. The bathroom, what is not used daily is saved

The bathroom, in addition to the kitchen, is one of the environments that must be kept tidy and difficult to maintain in this state. The Accumulation of hygiene products It easily clutters and clutters our cabinets.

To combat this, it will be convenient to leave visible those products that are necessary on a daily basis and put them aside or throw away those that have not been used in recent months.

Playing is one of the main reasons why boys' room is always messy.  Photo: shutterstock
Playing is one of the main reasons why boys’ room is always messy. Photo: shutterstock

6. Winter clothes vs. summer clothes

do the Change clothes every 6 months It may be daunting, but this task will make us keep the wardrobe tidy.

To save labor and time, an interesting resource is the use of containers and organizers to categorize clothes by clothing and know where to find what you need for a special occasion after a while without using them.

7. Play tidy, it is possible

When it comes to a family with kids, games are one of the main reasons why your room is always messy.

To solve this inconvenience, it is recommended Use chestsAnd the Drawers or bags for storing them Without having to worry too much. This way, they can even cooperate in maintaining order in their own room.


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