$7 billion investment in wind energy projects in doubt due to uncertainty

There are at least $7,000 million of investments that are questionable in wind energy projects in Mexico, this Because of the uncertainty created by the electricity reform proposed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, according to President of the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE), Leopoldo Rodriguez Oliva.

Rodriguez Oliva explained that these projects are considering the installation of 7,000 MW, which can be combined into the approximately 8,000 MW the country is already operating in, in order to add about 15,000 MW in four years.

To the doubts generated by electrical repair which will be discussed in the coming days, Obstacles have been added in permits that have been denied or stuck in the Energy Regulatory Authority (CRE) He added that this administration has changed the rules of the game so far.

While this uncertainty exists in Mexico, there are countries that have a monopoly on investment in renewable energies such as: the United States, Canada, China, Brazil, Germany, France, among others.

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In 2019, Mexico was still in the top ten in terms of installed wind capacity in the world, and ranked seventh, but conditions are no longer in sight.

“The truth today with the climate of uncertainty we’re facing, I’d say, I think it’s worth revising the rules and it’s part of what we’re doing, but At this time there is no certainty for new projects And although something else will continue to be included in the coming months from projects already ready and some others still pending, we don’t see a clear outlook,” said Rodriguez Oliva.

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This year, he said, only $900 million is expected to be invested.

He also noted that due to the lack of constructive dialogue in many of the operations that have occurred in recent years, private companies have started legal proceedings at the national level, but So far, no international arbitration has been considered and they hope not to reach this casesaid the president of AMDEE.

In a context not far from the start of the Open Parliament to discuss electricity reform by a few days, the AMDEE president noted that “not only the future of energy is at stake, but also our sustainability.”

Leopoldo Rodriguez called for discussions on electricity reform with experts on technical, economic and environmental issues, since this has not yet been the case, since the dialogue with the government was based only on an ideological platform.

This fix will bring us back to a model that’s already out of stock The country has already seen that it can’t handle the whole package because it’s huge.”

He added that the electrical reform at AMLO has a retroactive effect that may end Effects of confiscation Not because the factories will be taken from private companies, but because the possibility of obtaining income from those projects that have already been installed will be removed.

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