6 Series effects that will arrive on Netflix before the end of May

Before the month ends, Netflix wants to beat us with its original series. Broadcast company At least six titles will be released in the final weeks of the month, Many of them are with their second seasons, while others are actually more advanced Seasons as expected.

From different latitudes in the world, such as Mexico, Spain, Norway or the United States, These products will be an excuse to stay at home and Enjoy their stories for hours on end. Time to target them, so next We share the details of this series with you.

Watch your favorites on the agenda, for sure There will be one for every taste Are you ready? Many Netflix series are waiting for us to swallow And stay informed of the latest upcoming songs for the streaming platform.

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Who killed Sarah? Season 2 – May 19

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

It became the original Mexican series Most viewed non-English speaking production on Netflix. Two months after his first successful delivery, he kept going It promises to answer the doubts left by the first chapters. This time they will be Eight episodes where we will learn more about the characters in the two time lines So you really find out “Who killed Sarah?”

Special Season 2 – May 20

After the conquest, with its wondrous history, Exclusive returns to Netflix with its format changed. The series is written and starring Ryan O’Connell, on the life of a young gay man with cerebral palsy Where can we see the first season What you experience every day.

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Netflix special
Photos: Netflix

Everything indicates that there is a lot more to know about the character from a comedic perspective in this book adaptation “I am special: and other lies we tell ourselves.” With eight new episodes, now from Half an hour each, The chain is ready for a perfect plan.

The Neighbor Season 2 – May 21

Netflix series
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Spanish adaptation with Comedy by Santiago Garcia and Pew Perez, It comes with a lot of freshness for Netflix. In its second part, A new cast joins this series introducing us to an unconventional superhero Located in the current life. The comedic situations surrounding the hero will be an antidote to bad humor What new adventures will Titan bring? Having superpowers doesn’t always make you a good person.


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Master of None Season 3 – May 23

Netflix series
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

After years of absence after leaving his place Basem One of the most powerful seriesProduction returns Revolution in its third season. Hello “mister nothing” It will focus on the character of Denise, played by Lena WhiteWho is moving to London. talent Aziz Ansari is late this season After he carried out his previous work by himself and won important accolades. Four years into his second season, he appeared The third is hoping to be a new success.

Ragnarok Season 2-27 May

Netflix series
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Norse mythology is writing a new chapter on Netflix with it The Original Denmark Series. The second season of Ragnarok will bring new confrontations between reincarnations of the gods Like a bull. The series was very popular with its premiere a year ago, as in addition to the legends, Send a message on climate change Which we will see back for sure For these new seasons.

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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 – May 28

The King of the Underworld returns to tell us that there is still more. The series that In the Netflix Catalog It has already started its sixth season show which promises to be its last, for now its second part One of the most beloved demons on TV is yet to come.

Netflix series
Foto: Netflix

Many surprises await loyal fans, including a musical episode with Debbie Gibson As part of the special guests plus names like Bob Benedict, Scott Porter, Mirren Donji and Brianna Hildebrand Not forgetting the return Inbar Lavi In the role of Eva.

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The table is ready. It will be questioned that you are only interested in the specific access of each of those Netflix original series that is part of From the first shows that the company participated in He will say goodbye to May. Do not miss them!

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