6 national parks in the United States every nature lover should know

Endless deserts, forests, geysers, and glaciers: These are some of the attractions that the US National Parks preserve in their depths.

The national parks of the United States are among the most diverse in the world. In addition to expanding throughout ecosystems that may appear hostile to one another, it is home to a variety of species, protected within the boundaries of protected natural areas.

In addition to each having the capacity to receive millions of visitors annually, they serve as sanctuaries of respect for wildlife, which remain intact, as if humans have not walked along these spaces. Here are some of the most famous:

1. Yellowstone

Way to enter Yellowstone. Photo: Getty Images

Founded in 1872, Yellowstone is eIt was the first national park in the United States. Crossing the borders of three states: Wyoming, Montana E. IdahoWhich is home to various types of wolves, bison bears and elk. It is a nature reserve with some areas open to the public and receptions 4 million and 300 thousand visitors annually.

Tourists can enter Old BelieversOne of the oldest geysers in the world. For those who have fun TripsYellowstone is one of the More suitable places to go on another adventure. For those without experience in these types of sports, camping, hunting, or paying for software packages guided by rangers are possible.

2. Yosemite

National parks
Low angle view of some of the waterfalls inside Yosemite. Photo: Getty Images

Yosemite National Park has been described as being A. The haven of life. Visitors can appreciate Mighty glaciersAnd the Waterfalls are free fall And a large space filled Redwood trees. During th 3 miles 108 square kilometersBats, gray wolves, lynxes and owls, to name a few, are among the diverse species that live in protected areas.

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In addition to giving nearly 500 bears into the wild, one of the busiest attractions is’El Capitan: the largest granite rock on the planet, That link to 900 meters high. Otherwise, camping and hiking are permitted between waterfalls over 700 meters, and The vast valleys are still immaculate, Without human hand interference.

3. Grand Canyon National Park

National parks
A view of a Grand Canyon in Utah. Photo: Getty Images

The Grand Canyon National Park winds its way through the rocky valleys of the desert in the southern United States. she has 1.6 km, And it stretches 16 kilometers in width, and is testified to more than 2 billion years of geological history.

Inside, different Shades of pink, red, yellow and purple cover the stones In the 5 thousand square kilometers of the park. Just as the natural beauty of the place attracts millions of visitors annually, the Colorado River is one of the attractions that accompany tourists on their trip, which can span over several days.

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4. Denali

National parks
Elk grazing on frozen Denali pastures. Photo: Getty Images

In one of the coldest limits AlaskaA unique national park in the world stretches along 8,700 square meters of wild land. Among the glaciers and frozen lakes, visitors can spot deer, sheep and other species native to the northern tundra. Denali National Park is a protected area together The highest mountains and peaks in the worldGlazed all year round with a thick layer of snow.

Originally created in 1917 by CongressIt is an ideal place for those who enjoy skiing and snowy mountaineering. Throughout the park, there is not a single evidence of human passage. The only part that you can access with your car is Savage RiverWhere it is possible to camp and enjoy the scenery. Later visitors They must take a bus to enter the park.

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5. Zion

National parks
One of the canyons of Zion National Park. Photo: Getty Images

Despite being in the middle of the desert, Zion National Park is not an inhospitable place. On the contrary, it offers a great variety of landscapes for Photographers and hikers who visit it throughout the year. Born yet Million years of natural erosion, It has exceptional rock formations that are home to the fauna endemic to the area.

Unlike other parks, this park can be accessed in any season of the year. It is positioned on it The oldest natural parks in Utah, With its many cream-colored slopes contrasting with the aged blue sky. Among the lizards, deer, and bighorn sheep, visitors can walk along both narrow and wide canyons, under Mercy of the desert sun.

6. Great Smoky Mountains

National parks
Un amanecer en Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Foto: Getty Images

National Park in Great Smoky Mountains It boasts a great diversity in life forms. Ridge at the hillside, forested areas stretch along Frontiers of North Carolina and Tennessee. It is famous around the world for the great diversity of plant and animal species, as well as the beauty of its mountains.

In addition to the landscape effect, this natural park is covered with a mystical aura, as it is home to archeology Southern Appalachian culture. Among the many protected natural areas in the United States, this is the national park for the most part Visited from all over the country.

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