54 physicians were received from Cipolletti College

yesterday 54 male and female students were received from the College of Medicine From Cipolletti, which brought a lot of joy to the area. Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, the act had to be virtual and transmitted via social networks. It was the 56th academic law for the practice department and 150 undergraduate degrees from Kumaho National University (UNC).

“Our graduates will not only develop their knowledge in their careers, but they will also develop them Values ​​we share in public education From the country, and this is the reason why it worked to reunite the university and society, “confirmed the President of the United Nations University, Gustavo Chrisafuli.

The Minister of Health of Rio Negro, Fabien Zughaib, also participated in the event, highlighting the new doctors:The doors of the health system are open From the region to work here. “

His Neuquen partner, Andrea Bev, expressed his appreciation “to the students of the University of Del Comaho.” It stands out in Neuquen Hospitals For the quality of their education. “

In their section, students specifically mentioned a joint effort with teachers who just taught them about it “Medicine is a science, but it is also an art.”

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