5 ways to watch series with friends from a distance

Netflix party

The most popular way to watch a movie or series on Netflix with friends and family is by using this extension for Chrome. Netflix Party syncs video between all participants and allows group chats. It only works with this streaming platform and requires all participants to install the extension and watch Netflix from the Chrome browser.

How to use it

  • Download Chrome Extension
  • Open Netflix in Chrome and put the movie or series we want to see
  • Click on the Netflix Party addon and choose Create. An invitation will appear ready to be copied and pasted with the guests and guests

Facebook’s company, Mark Zuckerberg’s company, was one of the first to realize that during the pandemic, we would miss watching videos and accompanying series. That’s why it has relaunched its Watch Party, a function that allows you to watch and comment on other live or recorded videos hosted on Facebook. Its operation, at the moment, is only possible within groups and not in individual profiles.

How to use it

Once you’re logged into Facebook and within the group you want to share a video or playlist to, in the post box you’ll find an icon that looks like a bucket of popcorn with the words “Group video”.

Once pressed, we must add the videos we want to see. Facebook will suggest titles based on what we’ve seen recently or a series of keywords, but you can choose which ones are on that platform (this excludes, then, Netflix or YouTube content, for example). To press the “Publish” button.

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Well known in the world of US YouTubers, where it became popular last year, the creators of Watch2Gether have been adding other platforms, such as Vimeo, Twitch, Netflix and SoundCloud.

In the case of Netflix, it still does not work well and the option is to use the experimental W2gSync function, which is not quite stable. If we really want to use this platform, the other options we discuss on this note are even better.

How to use it

On the Watch2Gether page, choose Create your room. You will be assigned a random username that can be changed.

Once done, you can invite any friend through a link and from there, choose what content can be shared. It is not necessary to have a user on the platform to use it but each session is destroyed within 24 hours unless we register.

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