5 Uncommon But Very Fun Exercises To Increase Muscle Mass

When we train in the gym, it is always common to perform the same exercises without doing variants of these exercises. It is important to emphasize that we are not talking about changing the routine every few weeks, but within the routine, Perform variations of deadlift, squat, etc., for You get better in those same basic exercises.

Here are some exercises that, according to science and experience, can help us improve and create muscle mass without sagging.

Deadlift for a stiff leg

This exercise, a A variant of the traditional deadlift, it is an exercise that involves a lot of back chain due to the fact that when performing the exercise, the knees should be fully extended (or almost). Starting the exercise with the knees like this, it means that we start with the hips very flexible and we have to resort to hip extensor muscles (hamstrings, glutes, etc.) to perform the exercise.

The exercise, which in itself generates a lot of tension and greatly stimulates the posterior chain, performing this alternative will help us improve the hip extensor muscles and This will help us lift more kilograms in the traditional deadlift game.

Squat with pauses at the end of the eccentric stage

the squat It is without a doubt the most popular exercise when it comes to working out the legs. It is, along with the deadlift, a great exercise when it comes to Build muscle mass And get a large and aesthetic body.

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One of the Errors More frequent when performing this exercise, is Not downloading properlyTherefore, the stimulation that the legs receive is not sufficient to build muscle mass. And not only that, but doing an incorrect technique increases the chances of injury.

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The exercise we show you allows us to improve our body reception by stopping completely for a maximum of 2 or 3 seconds, which allows us to know how far we should go when we squat with a little more weight.

Seal row

One of the least frequent paddles when it comes to work your back. Mostly because, in most gyms, there are usually no machines to perform this exercise. Although, this can be done by tilting the bench slightly and picking up two dumbbells.

As we know, working in different angles and positions allows us to fully function back Thus improving the quality of your muscles.

Lateral lifts on pulley

Round shoulders are one of the goals of many athletes who do strength training. To do this, it is necessary to work hard on the lateral part of the shoulder, so the lateral raise is the ideal exercise for this.

Most people use deaf bells to perform this exercise. The only problem is that it is inactive Because the stimulus provided by doing this with dumbbells only in the latter part of the cycle, Nothing happens when performing the pulley.

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As with the stamping row, it is very rare to see this machine in the gym for running the legs, so to perform the squats without it we can use a multi-strength machine or a blacksmith, we will put our feet together, advance a little and we will have a homemade penetration squat.

This exercise is a squat alternative It has been shown to significantly stimulate the knee extensor musclesSo if one of your goals is to improve your leg muscle mass, this exercise can’t be missing from your routine.

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