Effect of a Pfizer booster dose against COVID-19 and the omicron variant. A study shows that the entire world is not ready for the next pandemic. Here’s what you need to know to start the day. Truth first.


More countries join diplomatic boycott of Beijing Games

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, on Wednesday, that Australia will join the United States in a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Canada will do the same, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his official Twitter account. The United Kingdom also joins this measure.


No more “abuses against Cuban artists”: 300 characters requested

A group of more than 300 figures from the world’s art, letters and human rights on Wednesday demanded the Cuban government to immediately stop “abuses against Cuban artists,” according to a joint statement published by PEN International, Artists at Risk Connection. From PEN America and Human Rights Watch.


Enhancement effect of Pfizer against COVID-19 and the omicron variant

Booster doses of the Pfizer vaccine reduce COVID-19 infection and deaths by 90% or more, according to Israeli studies. Additionally, Pfizer/BioNTech says that two doses of the vaccine may not provide adequate protection against the omicron variant, but three doses may neutralize it.

Pfizer scientist says a booster dose will help against Omicron 1:40


The whole world is not ready for the next pandemic

Researchers report that the entire world is still not ready for the next pandemic, and most countries are not prepared even for disease outbreaks on a small scale.

Study warns the world is not ready for another pandemic 1:05
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Biden promises sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday ruled out sending US troops to Ukraine to defend the country from a possible Russian invasion, a day after he revealed the consequences of the incursion in a tense phone call with President Vladimir Putin.

at coffee time

Golf is a sport that destroys the planet. But there is a solution

Golf’s impact on climate and the environment has led to growing calls for the sport to be more sustainable, including playing on completely dry courses, as golf legend Tiger Woods has done.

Parents of the social media generation is not doing well

Parents who didn’t have social media apps and media in their childhood are now struggling to understand and navigate the potential damage social media can do to their children’s mental health as they grow up.

The effect of social media on teens 1:46

This time it wasn’t coronavirus: Check out the most searched for on Google in 2021

Google has released a list that provides a look at events that happened this year and trends in categories such as entertainment, series, movies, and food.

Vacation Trips: What’s Changing With Omicron?

Vacation travel will be on the rise again soon, and this is likely to be another busy time for travelers. Should the new omicron variant change leave plans? Experts say.

These Christmas trees can improve your health

Nothing synthetic can rival the benefits a live Christmas tree can bring home and the scents it emits, according to experts.

Why is it so hard to find Christmas trees this year? 2:38

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Today’s number

11 million

US job vacancies jumped to 11 million in October. The search for workers by US companies has not been easier this fall.

Quote from today

“If people do not have more children, civilization will collapse.”

One of the main risks to today’s civilization is falling birth rates and the speed with which they continue to decline, said Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, who is 50 and has six children born from two marriages.

Today’s choice

We tested the $19 Apple Canvas to see if it was worth it

Apple has its own cleaning cloth for its products and we test it to see if it’s worth the cost.

And finish…

Hypnotic effect: this is how new rivers of lava descend from the volcano in La Palma

The landscape with lava, volcanic ash and gases from Cumbre Vieja is not unusual more than two months after the eruption. However, new rivers of fiery lava have been closely observed, causing a hypnotic effect to the human eye.

Hypnotic effect: this is how new rivers of lava descend from the volcano in La Palma 0:54

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