5 strange things about autumn in Canada that will surprise you

The east coast of Canada contains iconic cities such as Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa and Toronto, which are set apart by the majestic nature of its vast national parks, symbolic waterfalls, lush forests, and more than a hundred lakes. we tell you 5 Distinctive Features Of These Lands That You Didn’t Know Of And that they just convinced you that you should visit this natural paradise, yes or yes.

Views of Santa Ana Canyon

It’s in the fall when Quebec’s landscapes show their full splendor, taking on shades of red to golden. The coldest season of the year begins, but temperatures are still not freezing. Likewise, the rains that accumulate with the storms at the end of summer make this time the best time to visit Santa Ana Canyon, which It houses the river of the same name, flowing into a 74-meter waterfall. And if no adventure stops you, the 60-meter-high suspension bridge offers a great view of the valley.

Here there is no traffic

North America is known for being home to plenty of national parks, but if you want to relax, there is no better place than the Toronto Islands. You won’t see a car there! They don’t trade. This natural paradise just a 10-minute ferry ride from Toronto’s financial district is one of Canadians’ favorite corners, a place to relax, and in the fall, you can observe the many colors of the fallen leaves of the forests.

Toronto Islands, Canada

In fact, the word Toronto comes from the Iroquois Tkaronto, which means “the place where the trees are in the water.”

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Canadian maple syrup candy

Surely more than once I have succumbed before to some pancakes / waffles with fruit, cream or chocolate and, as a prelude, a good splash of maple syrup. Contrary to what many people think, it is An all-natural sweetener that is primarily manufactured and consumed in CanadaSo much so that the leaf of this tree is part of the national flag of Canada. Quebec produces 85% of the world’s maple syrup. It was the indigenous people of North America who discovered maple syrup and used it as food and medicine.

Pancakes with maple syrup

In many small Quebec towns, you will find not only jars of delicious maple syrup, but also candy (without sugar additives), lemonade, kombucha made from the juice of this tree, and even chocolate. For excursions through these places, be sure to purchase some energy bars made with this delicious delight.

The bread that traveled to the moon

Speaking of how Canada is also a foodie’s paradise, We recommend that you go to Fairmount Bagel when in Montreal, located in the city since 1919 at No. 74 Fairmont West Avenue, in the heart of Mile End. His bread is the only one to make it to space thanks to Montreal-born astronaut Greg Chamitoff, who chose it as his favorite snack on his space adventure.

Bagels, Canada

Bilingual movement

Not even in France itself the “stop” traffic signs are not translated. In Quebec, an example of bilingualism, traffic signs are mostly in both languages. So if you are one of those who take pictures with traffic lights in Berlin or warning signs for kangaroos in Australia, here is another snapshot of the most curious things for your collection.

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