5 iconic buildings designed by architect Juan Sordo Madaleno

March 20, 2023 | 09:00

Juan Dave Madaleno was one of The most famous architects of the twentieth century. evidence He plays, Many have been found known buildings. According to his Arquine profile, he has cemented himself between The most important contemporary architects in the country. In addition, she is responsible for providing plans Famous Mexican landscapes.

between the Most recognized works by Juan Sordo Madaleno there are many Buildings in Mexico City. Although he was known to be responsible for setting up some shopping malls; They also designed others Important architectural gems in the Mexican capital.

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These are 5 distinctive buildings designed by architect Juan Sordo Madaleno:

1. Torre Contigo, then the tallest building in Mexico

In the first steps of reform processonce Chapultepec is over, there is one of The most famous work of Juan Sordo Madaleno. the Tower with you was expected in general 1940 Its design was responsible for the eminent architect Who It ended around 1946. The Edificios de México portal explains the fact that it was so in the beginning It’s called Anahuac Tower.

The website states that, at the time, it was Torre Contigo was the tallest building in Mexicountil it was bypassed 1952 By Miguel E Abid Tower. he have The structure is 89 meters long and has 24 floorsthat withstood the earthquakes of 1957, 1985 and 2017. Depending on the location, for the year 2001 It went through a remodel who updated his profile.

since 2018, Its name was changed to Torre Bienestarbecause it houses within it the government offices of the homonymous Federal Secretariat.

Tower With You, by Juan Sordo Madaleno

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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2. Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel

It is located in Malak Al-Istiqlal Circle, and Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel she is one from The most famous works of Juan Sordo Madaleno. According to Edificios de México, it is as high as 77.1 metersdistributed in 19 floors. build it It ended in 1962 It is made of glass, steel, and concrete marble.

It is composed of Hotel with 755 roomsswimming pool, tennis court, lounges, gym, business center, restaurants and covered parking. despite of Designed by Sordo MadalenoEngineering done Leonardo Seifert The Witchers It was built by a Mexican company ICA.

According to some collectors, Sordo Maddaleno was also responsible for the interior design of the rooms, incl View and create furniture.

Hotel Maria Isabel, work by Juan Sordo Madaleno

Photo: Balderai/Wikimedia Commons

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3. Hotel Presidente Chapultepec, now Presidente Intercontinental

he Presidente Chapultepec Hotel was also responsible for Juan Dave Madaleno. According to Arch Daily, in 1969 the famous architect took on the task of creating the residence project. This happened in the midst of the boom in the Polanco area, which was beginning to expand in popularity and exclusivity.

to 1977, The hotel project has been completed. At the time, it was One of the tallest hotels in the world. The port explains that he has 753 roomsIn addition to basic services such as restaurants, bars, terraces, parking and a shopping area. he have An area of ​​5600 square meters And is located between Paseo de la Reforma and the Champs Elysees.

currently , President Intercontinental Hotel It is one of the The most luxurious and symbolic of the Mexican capital. Due to its proximity to the city centre, it was Hosting many celebrities, artists and political figures during his visit to Mexico City. Including Heads of state of Canada and the United States on his recent visit to Mexico.

President Intercontinental Hotel

President Intercontinental Hotel (left). Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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4. San Ignacio de Loyola Church

the The work of Juan Sordo Madaleno It’s not just imposing buildings. He also keeps one of the The most famous parishes in western Mexico City. he Temple of San Ignacio de Loyola built in 1961 by the famous Mexican architect. It is located in the corner between streets Horace And grinding.

It is located at about a Jesuit temple with modern architecture. According to Liga, its beauty lies in the triangular structure that covers it yellow pottery. According to the site, these panels were Handmade and handmade with technologies similar to those of Poblana Talavera. In this way, Sordo Madaleno manages to combine modern techniques with Mexican artistic roots.

The Mexico City government website adds that this church is also known for the figure of Christ that it displays inside. It is a work by Claudio Favier Orindín, a highly regarded Mexican sculptor.

San Ignacio de Loyola Church, by Juan Sordo Madaleno

Photography: Sordo Madaleno

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5. The Palace of Justice in Mexico City

he courtlocated in the neighborhood of Doctores, is another area of Symbolic works by Juan Sordo Madaleno. According to Arch Daily, that was the case Built in 1964 As a business to house the courts of all areas of law in Mexico City.

he Imposing works of more than 11,000 square meters It contains all offices and rooms courts and courts It is necessary to work The judiciary in Mexico City. Arch Daily abounds in being a Central building with four floors Where the court is located, accompanied by Two twin towers of thirteen floors which maintains the rest of the offices.

The website shows that the building has a public auditorium and press offices, the central LibraryCourtrooms Courtroomsand basements with archives for files and file Stock vault.

The Palace of Justice in Mexico City

Photo: INAH Media Library

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