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Denzel started his career as an actor when he was very young and thanks to his talent, the hero of ‘Man on Fire’ can boast of two Oscars; One for Best Supporting Actor in 1989 for his role in Silas Trip in the production of “Glory”, and another for Best Actor for the role of Alonzo Harris in “Training day”.

In addition to his incredible talent as an actor, the 67-year-old director has been able to show his wisdom through words and inspired hundreds of his followers, including some of the celebrities we introduce to you below.

During the 2022 Academy Awards, Will slapped Chris Rock for getting commented about his wife, Jada Pinkett, and Denzel was in the front row when the embarrassing event occurred.

At the ceremony, after receiving a Best Actor award for King Richard, Smith gave a speech in which he stated that Washington spoke to him out of the spotlight and told him “When you are at your best, be careful because that’s when the devil comes for you.”

In 2019, Denzel Washington was honored with the AFI Achievement Award and addressed actor Jamie Foxx to performing; He commented that he was grateful for his advice to continue in the entertainment world.

“I had Denzel in my house. I like to say that because not many people get a chance to do that. He sat at the table and talked to us one night. All the young actors and actresses come close. (…) He tells you how to stick to art, how not to forget that we Here for a different purpose. That night he spoke to all of us and definitely made us feel like we could do it.”

In an interview with The Jimmy Fallon Show, Bosman admitted that it was “random”, but that allowed him to make an exchange with Oxford University in the UK.

Also, during his speech at the 2019 AFI Achievement Award, the actor thanked Denzel and asserted, “There is no Black Panther without Denzel Washington.”

If there is one thing that characterizes the rapper, it is his tattoo; Drake has different designs, and although the interpreter didn’t directly refer to Washington as someone he admired, he caught the actor’s face on his skin.

The photo, which corresponds to the role he played during the 1990 movie “Mo’ Better Blues,” is on the lower part of the singer’s back.

In this regard, in a conversation with Jimmy Fallon, Denzel spoke about painting.

“I think he (Drake) has other tattoos from people he looks up to,” he said.

Known for projects such as The Lovebirds, Insecure, and The Photography, Issa joined the celebrity who thanked Washington for inspiring young people into the entertainment world.

In short, the actress referred to Denzel as “that guy” who captures his work on screen.

“Denzel has erased my version of the easy completely, (…) that’s what Denzel does, he embodies and leads the roles he plays in his performance (…) I’m here to celebrate and thank you sir for giving me such passion a black girl dehydrated DNA someone who believes in It aspires and dreams of. Thank you Denzel for everything you do.”

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