5 apps for transcribing and translating audios or conversations

From audio to text, there are several tools that let you transcribe and translate in real time. (Shutterstock)

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) of many technology companies are developing in such a way that today it is possible to transcribe and / or translate voice and conversations in real time. The suggestion is always the same: record in places with little or no surround sound, without noise, for best results. Here are some tools that transcribe and translate texts, for face-to-face meetings with a small number of people, for example WhatsApp audios, mp3, WAV or other formats.

Copy group

Group Transcribe, a new iOS app for translating and transcribing small group of people conversations, in face-to-face meetings.
Group Transcribe, a new iOS app for translating and transcribing small group of people conversations, in face-to-face meetings.

It is a new application developed by Microsoft For iOS that Allows to write and translate group conversations. In other words, you can convert multiple people’s conversation to text, and you can also translate it into more than 80 languages ​​in real time.

So far it is an experimental development that will continue to show advances in artificial intelligence. The app is aimed at people who have to take notes in business meetings and participate at the same time. Also, people with Hearing impairment.

Group Transcribe is a Microsoft product garage, The section focused on experimental applications such as Sketch Pal or Journal. The iOS app not only performs accurate transcription with the help of artificial intelligence, but also performs real-time translation.

The new app is now available for iOS worldwide and will provide an option to invite more meeting users to write or translate together. To do this, they will need to scan a QR code to join the discussion. Languages ​​that you can translate include English, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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The texts will be stored on the device at the end of the meeting. The tool is designed for face-to-face meetings and uses Microsoft AI with Azure Speech Service, a technology that can recognize a conversation from a small group of people in a room. It is important to know that reducing ambient sound and avoiding other noise improves transcription, in this tool and other tools for this purpose.

Google translator

Google translator.
Google translator.

he is classic, One of Google’s most used tools which has brought with it interesting updates in recent years, with notable improvements in its AI. You can translate words or phrases, and you have the option to transcribe.

To use this last option, when opening the app, touch the icon copies And choose the language you will listen to and the language you will translate as well. It is possible that you copied it in the same language. Currently, this function supports Spanish, English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian and Thai languages.


It is basically a website permitting Dictating texts to transcribe. In this case It has no translation. When opening the interface it’s very simple, the spell is copied onto a folder sheet with lines on it. It allows to change the formatting of the copied text, and the ability to add punctuation, for example, from there. It also provides options for Save, print, or tweet the text on your computer.

Copywriter for Whatsapp

As its name suggests, it is an app used to transcribe audio from the messaging service. To use it, you must install it as a separate WhatsApp application (not an official application). The voice message should be selected and upon selecting the share button an option will appear to do so with Transcriber for WhatsApp. It is an exclusive app for Android (similar alternative to iPhoneVoice to Text for WhatsApp).

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Peer file converter

Peer file converter
Peer file converter

In this case, it is another site that is used to convert mp3 audio to text. Its design isn’t really intuitive but it serves the purpose. It does not support voice dictation, but it does support voice recordings. Although the results are not 100% effective, they are very beneficial. The website also supports WAV, MWV, and OGG formats, with files maximum of 3MB.

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