4K webcam with 2-axis keeps you always in frame

To all those who are lucky enough to join the worldTeleworking As a result of the pandemic, webcams have become almost an essential part. And now Insta360 has raised the bar for what we consider “good Webcam“Thank you 4KLinkwhich even includes a 3-axis pivot capable of keeping us in frame the whole time even if we’re moving around the room.

You may not have heard of Insta360 when it comes to webcams, but for many years it has been standing up to the likes of DJI and GoPro in the world of action cameras and 360 cameras. Today, Insta360 announced its first webcamwhich also incorporated part of the technologies the company has designed for other products.

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with a slight air young Video cameraeo DJI Pocket 2, Insta360 Link is designed to sit on top of your computer or laptop screenfrom where you will score with its strength Half inch 4K sensor. The company claims that this sensor will provide Beautiful details, Better dynamic range, a HDR mode that will prevent the brightest parts of the frame from being burned, and that too It will work well in low light conditions. The camera is working at 30 frames per second, and we can also adjust details such as Frame rateThe resolution, and white balance or Thanks to exposure to Free app included with camera.

webcam talso fetch pair of microphones with function Built-in noise cancelingbut the most exclusive webcam innovation It’s a gimbal Three axes, usable To track the position of the person being placed in front of the camera and this will get her framed Every time. Thanks to his artificial intelligence, la Insta360 Link is also It can be driven remotely by hand gestures.

Camera It also has some other great features. If you want to do for example Reference to some documents Which you have on the table, the Insta360 Link can point straight down and even adjust perspective through So that other members don’t see the distorted picture. TIt can also be activated It is the whiteboard mode through which the camera can recognize and zoom in blackboard to make it easier for Other users We see what are you writing. and heTo Insta360 Link can also be Faces 90° video recording in portrait mode, ideal for Those who work from social networks.

هذا نعم ، لن يكون Insta360 Link رخيصًا. يمكن شراؤها الآن من page The company’s website at 369€99 or 404.99 if you prefer the tripod version.

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