40% of the Spanish population has used the services of aesthetic medicine on some occasions

In general, the interest in and use of aesthetic medicine in Spain is growing: according to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME), in 2021, about 900,000 Treatments Medical aesthetic. In addition to revealing that 40% of the Spanish population has used Aesthetic Medicine Services once in a while.

60% of non-esthetic medicine users are aware that they may consider undergoing treatment if there is no VAT.

Socio-economic impact of aesthetic medicine in Spain

This report, presented by SEME, draws a key conclusion: interest in and use of aesthetic medicine is growing in our country.

During 2021 AD in Spain A total of 871,525 medical-aesthetic treatments were performed, With this distribution: 626,778 facial treatments (72%), 191,515 Corporal (22%) and 53,232 are classified under the “other” category as hair removal (6%).

Of the 626,778 facial treatments performed, 42% correspond to botulinum toxin – which has cemented itself as the most performed facial treatment after the COVID-19 pandemic – 32% correspond to hyaluronic acid and 20% are skin-improving treatments.

40% of the general Spanish population has used the services of aesthetic medicine on some occasions. of between it , 71.8% are women and 28.2% are men. Most patients undergo treatment at least once a year.

Every time more young people

The study indicates that aesthetic medicine is attracting more and more young people. A few years ago, the average age to enroll in aesthetic medicine was 35 years. Now, guys in their twenties are mainly getting lip fillers, hyaluronic acid (HA), and botulinum toxin.

Increased number of accredited centers by 20.2%

In addition, Spain has 6,305 health centers licensed by the Ministry of Health to practice aesthetic medicine, which is 20.2% more than 5,244 in 2019.

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During 2021, the annual turnover of the 6,305 U.48 centers authorized to practice aesthetic medicine in Spain amounted to 3,585,861,565 euros.

15% more doctors choose training in aesthetic medicine

Currently, there is no training in Aesthetic Medicine via MIR in Spain. To practice it, you must be a medical graduate or graduate and undergo certain postgraduate or master’s training.

In 2021, the number of physicians with a master’s degree in aesthetic medicine increased by 15% compared to 2019.

Most Wanted Treatments

  • Body treatments: Phototherapy is the most frequently used treatment (58.1%). Women undergo an average of 3 different treatments and men 2.
  • Facials: Exfoliation remains the most frequently used treatment (42.2%). The average age to start facial treatments is 33 years. Men start at a young age, at 31, because the main treatment they use is acne.
  • Hair treatments: lasers are most in demand (55%). Laser and capillary mesotherapy are more used in women, while grafts and implants are more prominent in men.
  • Anti-aging treatments: Men begin anti-aging treatments at age 38, while women start at age 41, in part because men’s aging is usually more severe and visible.

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