4 phrases you use daily that make you smarter than most people, according to psychologists

the emotional smartness It is the ability that all humans possess to adapt to changes and regulate the emotions that may arise from them, and for this reason, psychology experts advise working on it so that we can develop it and it is useful to us in work and life in general.

American psychologist Daniel Goleman He was the one who popularized the term in 1995 and defined emotional intelligence as “a set of skills that allow people to be more adaptable to change.”

Now, in 2024, he shares new lessons about its importance in the book. Optimal: Performance, Empathy, and Emotional Intelligence It calls on all people to do more, to do better, to stick to what they do, but mainly to what makes them happy.

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Goleman explains this in his new work: Emotional intelligence is divided into 4 areas: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.; where you can find different competencies that characterize people with emotional intelligence through some phrases that they share with the rest. Here we share four of them.

“I think this way because…

the self conscious It's one of the areas of emotional intelligence, and it's about self-knowledge, so statements like “I think this way because” have to do with knowing myself and the things that can change the way we feel, think, or act.

For Goleman, “self-awareness is a prerequisite for improved emotional self-control.”

“I can get better, and so can you.”

Within the self-management there are four competencies, which are: Positive attitude One of them is responsible for making us want to grow, whether by learning things that add to our professional portfolios or our personal interests.

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“I understand you and I care about you.”

In the field of social awareness, one of the most prominent competencies is: Sympathy withThis is essential for Goleman in humans, because it creates closeness and trust in any relationship. So statements like “I understand you and I care about you” reveal that you are a person who is able to connect with others.

“What would happen if I tried to do it this way?”

One of the competencies in relationship management is influence. People with high emotional intelligence They have great Power of persuasion They know how to convince others to see things from a different perspective, even from their own.

Have you said any of these phrases? Or were they told to you?

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