3 reasons why I hate macOS so much I throw my Mac out the window

There are many things about macOS that need a serious revamp.

macOS Ventura is far from a perfect operating system

Like any other Apple tech and product news writer, as you might imagine, I own a slew of electronics and accessories from the company along with the biting apple. One of them is the 2020 MacBook Pro with M1 processor. Before I begin, I must say that I am very pleased with the performance of this piece of machine.

Yes, it’s not quite as powerful as the 2023 MacBook Pro line, however meet perfectly With carrying out the heaviest tasks like Visual Organizer, video editing, multitasking, video games, and using applications that use more system resources.

But you may be very satisfied with the performance of the MacBook Pro on which I am writing this article Not that it is also with your OS. And it is that macOS has many things to improve. Here are just a few reasons why I sometimes feel like throwing my MacBook Pro out the window.

The notification system is a real disaster.

Notification center

The macOS Notification Center is in dire need of an upgrade

in the first place. Who came up with the great idea to activate the notification center by clicking on the date? I know it’s a feature that’s always been there and there aren’t many other alternatives, but does it really make sense? Personally, I think this is just like the control center did Your custom button in the menu barThere should also be a button for the notification center.

However, what really bothers me about macOS notifications is that they’re just that Unlisted. Notifications from apps like Microsoft Teams don’t show up if you’re using a full screen app, other notifications like those from the App Store lag for hours, and on the other hand, you have to keep apps open like Mail, Skype, Slack, Telegram, etc. WhatsApp, etc. to receive your notifications.

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It takes getting used to the visual organizer

visual organizer

macOS Ventura Visual Organizer is a new system for managing your open applications

The Visual Organizer function in macOS Ventura has arrived to transform the way Mac users manage windows for applications in use. The truth is that, visually, it is a very interesting system and the window resizing is very dynamic and well designed.

But it is rare. The visual organizer is very strange and hard to get used to. sometimes It is a bit confusing to locate the apps you have open And the fact that it always appears to the side means you lose a bit of room on your MacBook screen, especially on smaller laptops. Also, if you usually work with full screen apps, as is my case, the visual organizer is no longer a good fit.

Application compatibility

app store

Several important apps are missing from the Mac App Store

Another factor that I hate the most about macOS has to do with Apple’s closed ecosystem and the compatibility of the operating system with third-party apps.

There is a wide repertoire of important applications that Not available on the App Store And that you have to download through .dmg files. In others, like Twitter, Facebook, VLC, Chrome… the list is very long.

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