3 exciting movies to watch on Netflix

Fools 2 / Johnny English 3.0 / Red

If you’re in need of a dose of excitement these days, you’ve come to the right place as below we’ll recommend 3 movies that combine adrenaline, action, vertigo, and a little bit of humor to create that cinematic cocktail you desperately need.

Pranksters 2

2016 – Director: John M. Cho

It has been a year since the scammers known as the Four Horsemen turned the world upside down with their dizzying magic deeds and managed to outrun the FBI. Now, the team made up of Dylan (Mark RuffaloDaniel (Jesse EisenbergJack (Dave Franco), Merritt (Woody Harrelson(And new member Lula)Lizzie Caplan), On stage to deliver an awesome new show that promises to be something like never before.

However, their work does not go as planned: they are deceived, shamed, and forced to flee again. During their escape, they were kidnapped by technology mogul Walter Mabre (Daniel Radcliffe) To perform a trick that helps you gain access to all computers in the world. When they do this work, The Musketeers realize that Walter has cheated on them and decide to perform a wonderful final trick to clear their names and reveal the true culprit behind it all..

Johnny English 3.0

2018 – Director: David Kerr

When a cyber attack reveals the identities of all secret agents active in the UK, Johnny English (Rowan AtkinsonIt becomes the only hope for the British intelligence service. A) Yes, The protagonist is forced out of retirement to stop the hacker, but since his capabilities are so limited, he will have to work hard to overcome the technological challenges of the modern era..

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2010 – Director: Robert Schwentk

Since former CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce WillisA retiree who lives a boring, lonely life on the outskirts of the city. The only good time she has is when she is on the phone with her treatment center agent, Sarah (Mary Louis ParkerAbout his pension.

One day his house was raided and destroyed for no apparent reason, like this Frank kidnaps Sarah and convinces her to find out what is happening together and why the CIA is stalking them.. This is how they will communicate with their former classmates: Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich(And Victoria)Bright Mirren), Who will join the duo to fight the security forces. They call themselves RED (Extremely Dangerous Withdrawals).

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