23. Panama followed Honduras in eight minutes and took it last

San Pedro Sula, November 12 (EFE). – The Panamanian team returned on Friday from a 0-2 loss to Honduras, and within eight minutes won 2-3, on the seventh day of the octagon. CONCACAF tied for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

A bad start for the new Honduran coach, Colombian Hernan Dario “Pulillo” Gomez, who was excited about his players until the moment of their 2-0 win.

Panama finished fourth with 11 points in the qualifying zone.

The Honduran team started with a match that lacked accuracy in handing the ball, against an opponent who was more organized, scoring difficult goals, but approaching the area without creating greater difficulties for the opponent’s defense.

El Karacho, after poor results in eight matches with Uruguayan Fabian Cueto in six, sought to weaken the Panamanians with counter-attacks.

The first warning came from Honduras in the seventh minute, with a run from Brian Moya, who shot near the left post, but Panama goalkeeper Luis Mejia covered it without much difficulty.

Honduras went on the offensive led by Anthony “Choco” Lozano and Albert Ellis, who made an effort to defend Panama that was led by Alfredo Stevens and Rolando Blackburn.

And in the 29th minute, Honduras went ahead with a goal from Albert Ellis, who received a deep pass from defender Omar Elver from the middle of the field and overcame two defenses and beat the Panamanian goalkeeper on low ground.

In the second half, the serve was greater on the part of the two teams, although not accurate, but with Honduras in better order than in the first half, with better control of the ball and always looking to hit the mark with long passes.

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The Panamanians, who often failed in midfield, could not finish defining the Honduran zone in their approach, ignoring the balls, but insisted on looking for at least an equalizer.

The second Honduran goal came in the 58th minute in the legs of Brian Moya, who received a pass from the left wing of Carvin Arriaga and took advantage of the distraction of a Panamanian defender who tried to prevent him, and by descending sent the ball. down the net.

After the second goal, Honduras dwindled in attack, without making serious plays, while Panama continued to hit the ball and in the 76th minute emotionally recovered through the opponent with a goal from Cecilio Waterman, one of the changes it had in the second half.

With the collapse of Honduras, Panama tied the match 2-2 in the 79th minute, with a score scored by Cecilio Yannis, in another fatal mistake from the defense of those led by “Bolillo”.

With the draw, the Panamanian team grew more, and in 87 they brought Honduras to their knees with a free-throw goal, caused by a foul outside the area of ​​their goalkeeper Luis Lopez, in the final 3-2.

The defeat is the fourth that Honduras has suffered so far in a draw, as it added three draws, against Canada, El Salvador and Costa Rica, its next visiting rivals, on the 16th.

Honduras lost to the United States, Mexico, Jamaica and Panama.

data sheet:

2 – Honduras: Luis Lopez; Omar Alvear, Maynor Figueroa, Carlos Melendez, Kevin Alvarez (Christopher Melendez AD 46); Alex López (Kervin Arriaga m.46), Deiby Flores, Alfredo Mejía, Bryan Moya; Albert Ellis and Anthony Lozano (Brian Roches M, 55).

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Coach: Hernan Dario “Polillo” Gomez.

3 – Panama: Luis Mejia; Michael Murillo, Fidel Escobar, Andres Andrade, Eric Davis; Adalberto Carrasquilla, Cristian Martínez (José Fajardo m.65), Armando Cooper, Freddy Góndola (César Yanis m.65); Alfredo Stevens (Brown age M 46) and Rolando Blackburn (Cecilio Waterman M 65).

Coach: Thomas Christiansen.

Goals: 1-0. AD 29: Albert Ellis. 2-0. AD 58: Brian Moya. 1-2. AD 76: Cecilia Waterman. 2-2. AD 79: Cesar Yannis. 23. AD 85: Eric Davis.

Referee: Drew Fisher from Canada. Showed the yellow card for Albert Ellis, Anthony Lozano and Christopher Melendez of Honduras and Alfredo Stephens of Panama.

Accidents: The date of the seventh day of the CONCACAF octagonal championship for the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers, which was held at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium, in San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras.

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