2021 groups: the party started with typical dishes in venues, delivery and festival in front of the memorial

Friday started A new edition of the National Gathering and Festival of Groups With a different version: this time, the gastronomic and culture suggestions can be used At home or in person.

After the pandemic restrictions and due to the short preparation time, the Typical and huge pool in La Bandera style national parkBut all the headquarters of the foreign communities in Rosario were organized Activities and sales of their typical dishes.

This is the case of the Catalan center, which in its home in Entre Ríos for 700 people prepared the live paella of the program Telenoche Rosario (El Tres) He invited the people of Rosario to come take a portion of This or other traditional dishes of the region.


Paella live: The 2021 group party begins in Rosario

Many places were full of people, with full tables, this Friday night and there was also a restaurant High demand for food with home delivery In societies where this method has been enabled.

Basque center with high participation and full tables (Alan Monzón / Rosario3)

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Until next Monday there will be Three options to try typical dishes From different parts of the world: with home delivery; Remove food from the premises or go to the community headquarters to eat at once (with advance reservations and respecting protocols).

In all cases, you must Enter Vidrieras en red, where is all tasting show and means of communication.

In addition, from November 20 to 22 from 6 to 10:30 p.m., there will be Festival of traditional dances from different countries In La Bandera National Park.

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Over 35 communities will perform during the three days of world music and cultures.

The The meeting and the national festival of groups Organized by the Tourism Board of Rosario and the Association of Foreign Communities under the auspices of the Municipality of Rosario.

Navarro Center with full tables and model dances (Alan Monzón / Rosario3)

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