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Joe Biden Falls to Third Place After Weak Fundraising Numbers

Joe Biden Fundraising falls short of Bernie Sanders
Joe Biden Fundraising falls short of Bernie Sanders

Former Vice President Joe Biden took 3rd place in terms of his campaign’s Q4 fundraising numbers despite strong polling.

Joe Biden has had a rough several months after multiple scandals surrounding his son Hunter Biden. Despite this, he still managed to pull $22.7 million.

However, Biden fell significantly short of the top fundraiser, Bernie Sanders. Sanders, an avowed socialist, pulled an incredible $34.5 million to take first place. Behind him was Pete Buttigieg, who raised $24.7 million, almost identical to his Q3 numbers.

It is very possible that the combination of frequent gaffes and family scandals have turned some of Joe Biden’s supporters away from donating to him. His son Hunter has been a key player in the current Ukraine scandal. Hunter received millions from an oil company while his then-Vice President father was involved in their politics. Hunter has also been accused of taking politically motivated bribes from a Chinese company.


To make it even worse for the Bidens, Hunter Biden was proven to be the father of a baby he fathered with a Washington, D.C. stripper while he was dating his dead brother’s wife. While he initially denied the claims, a DNA test proved it is his child.

Now, in an attempt to claim child support, Hunter’s baby mama Lunden Roberts is suing Hunter to see his financial records including his foreign earnings.

Joe Biden has also been struggling with the lack of an endorsement from former President Barack Obama, who allegedly touted Biden’s rival Elizabeth Warren to big Democrat donors recently.

Despite the political and family troubles and the frequent mistakes in public statements, Joe Biden is still said to be the Democrat candidate most-capable of beating President Trump. Most polls have him beating the other Democrats by 6%-10%.

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