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Pringles Creates Self-Feeding Headset For Gamers And It’s Going Viral

Now, gamers will never go hungry again.

hunger hammer pringles
The Hunger Hammer has now been released by Pringles.

The ubiquitous chip manufacturer Pringles is now working to reach out to gamers and has come up with a solution to do it: the “Hunger Hammer.”

All of the parts of the headset are 3D printed and are attached to a Razer headset and create a Pringles-feeding machine that is reminiscent of the beer hats and will be shown a various sporting events. While it’s a “beta prototype,” the strange headset works by holding a tube of chips on the side of the headset and is slowly fed into a users month with a mechanical arm. The push button the headset or remote arm will feed gamers without the need to look away from the game.

Pringles teamed up with Twitch streamer Criken to launch the product. It’s pretty hilarious and makes for some viral gold. It’s obviously a gag and should not be taken seriously.

It is a prototype so here is to seeing more Pringles feeders in the future. The one problem is that it is surprisingly loud.

Elliot Alderson

Written by Elliot Alderson

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