President Trump Will NOT Participate in Impeachment Hearings

President Trump tells House Judiciary he will NOT Participate in December 4th Hearings
President Trump tells House Judiciary he will NOT Participate in December 4th Hearings

The White House sent a letter to House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler that President Trump will NOT participate in the upcoming “highly partisan” impeachment hearings.

According to the letter from White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, there are several major reasons why Donald Trump is opting not to participate in the upcoming hearings.

These reasons include:

  • The hearings were intentionally scheduled by Democrats for December 4th, while President Trump will be in London for the NATO Leaders Meeting.
  • The aforementioned hearings contain no fact witnesses and instead are simply discussions from law professors about the President.
    • The letter noted that they gained this information from Press reports since the House Judiciary Committee wouldn’t provide information to the White House.
  • House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler had sent a similar request to the White House saying hearings will begin on December 6th (so they changed the date) and that they requested what rights the president wanted to exercise and NOT which he was being provided.
  • Unlike the Clinton hearings, the House Judiciary did NOT give President Trump’s attorney the chance to prepare for the hearings or choose a fitting schedule. They have also not disclosed who, if any, witnesses will appear.
  • The House has already had multiple open door and closed-door hearings without allowing the President’s attorneys the chance to participate.
  • They have threatened to seek additional charges against President Trump if he exerts the well-documented Presidential powers of Executive Privilege
  • President Trump has not been allowed to call his own witnesses, unlike Bill Clinton who was allowed to call 14 witnesses.

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The Letter noted that President Trump will respond separately to the December 6th hearing start date, that Nadler offered before the last minute changes. They also demanded to know if President Trump or Devin Nunes will be allowed any of their desired witnesses, something Adam Schiff outright rejected.


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