Former VP Joe Biden Bites His Wife Jill Biden In the Middle of a Campaign Speech

Joe Biden Bites Wife Jill Biden's Finger
Joe Biden Bites Wife Jill Biden's Finger

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to bite the hand of his wife Jill Biden during a campaign speech in Iowa this weekend.

Biden was at the beginning of his 8-day “No Malarkey” tour in Iowa when his wife of 42 years, Jill Biden, gave an opening stump speech for him.

Jill said, “And when they cut to the President of the United States…”


Jill and the crowd laughed before she continued, “…You’ll call your kids in from the other room because you want them to hear what the President of the United States has to say!”

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Joe Biden’s campaign says he still intends to win the Democrat primary in Iowa despite recent polls showing a large drop in support within the state in recent months.

According to recent polling results compiled by Five Thirty-Eight, Joe Biden is currently struggling to beat out Iowa frontrunners Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg had a recent rise in polls in many of the early voting states with primarily white Democrat voting populations, however, he has struggled to gain momentum nationally from black Democrat voters.

Elizabeth Warren also had a period of time where she held the frontrunner status. Unfortunately for her campaign, her numbers fell off nationally after Warren introduced her $53 trillion healthcare plan, roughly triple our current national debt.

In 2016, Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders almost beat Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton in Iowa, losing by a mere 0.2% of the vote. Many of his supporters felt as though the DNC played a major roll in these small-margin losses by Sanders that year. Bernie is currently polling around 16%-22%, making him a contender for the state but with not the lead.

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