Trump Official Allegedly Outed As Anonymous Book Author, Doesn’t Deny It

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Guy Snodgrass is allegedly the writer of the book "A Warning" written by Anonymous. (CNN)

A new article now alleges that former Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ chief speechwriter Guy Snodgrass is the “Anonymous” official that wrote the recently published “A Warning” by an anonymous author attacking President Donald Trump.

A recent The New Republic article written by former Bill Clinton speechwriter David Kusnet analyses the writing style of the book and compared it to a book called Holding the Line released by Snodgrass back in October.

Kusnet alleges that the writing style is very similar between the two and the clues to the Anonymous identity can be found in the way that the “sentences and paragraphs are pithy and punchy.”

“Every chapter in both books begins with an inspiring but not cliched quotation from an historic figure. Many passages in both books are remarkably similar: the ordeal of conducting a Pentagon briefing for Trump; national security staffers exchanging appalled asides about Trump’s conduct of foreign policy via Twitter; and the arguments for why American alliances strengthen national security and immigration policy shouldn’t be based on building a border wall,” wrote Kusnet.

Aiding the rumors, Snodgrass tweeted “the swirl continues” in reference to the New Republic article.

That’s not exactly a denial as many internet users pointed out.

The book also described the “Steady State” in reference to what Trump calls the “Deep State” that kept the “wheels coming off the White House wagon.”

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow read out excerpts from the book earlier in November.  Watch the segment below.

“When presidential appointees started conferring about their shared concerns with the nation’s chief executive … it was done informally, in weekly phone calls or on the margins of meetings,” reads the book.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham at the tie described the book in an email to the Washington Post as written by a “coward” that didn’t put their name on it “because it is nothing but lies.”

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