Trump Honors Conan, Dog That Chased Down al-Baghdadi, Warns Press It Could Attack Them

Trump conan
President Trump invited the special forces dog Conan to the White House to honor him after his role in killing ISIS leader al-Bahgdadi. (White House)

President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence honored Conan, the military service dog that was wounded in the October 26 raid in Syria that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Trump gave Conan a certificate and a plaque to remember the moment.

The other Special Forces soldiers that led the raid met with the President and the Vice President privately. They did not appear publicly for security reasons.

CBS’ Mark Knoller commented, “Pres told a reporter that Conan’s in a good mood today, so the reporter was safe. Conan seemed smitten with VP Pence, who continuously petted him during the appearance. Returning to the Oval Office, Pres laughed when a reporter asked if @POTUS might adopt Conan for Barron.”

“It was a flawless attack,” Trump said, in reference to the special forces raid. “And al-Baghdadi is gone.”

Trump described the dog as “incredible” and called Conan a “tough cookie. Nobody’s gonna mess with Conan.”

The president told the press that Conan got a medal and a certificate for his service.

The President described the Belgian Malinoise as a “hero dog” that made an incredible recovery after being injured killing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The press asked the question of whether Conan was a “good boy?” Conan did not answer.

Newsweek claims that the dog was named after Conan O’Brien. Trump said that Conan cornered al-Baghdadi in a tunnel in Syria – where he blew up an explosive vest. It killed the children that were with him as well as the ISIS leader.

Conan was injured in the chase and has conducted over 50 combat missions so far.

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