Tyler Perry Saves Couple Being Held Hostage In Mexican Hospital Over Unpaid Bill

Tyler Perry Save Couple from Mexican Hospital
Tyler Perry Save Couple from Mexican Hospital

Tyler Perry is easily one of the biggest legends in film. He has written a whole host of hit movies and TV shows while working to better his community. Now Tyler Perry can add one more feat to his list: Saving Americans held hostage in a Mexican hospital.

So here’s the story…according to a report from TMZ, Tori Austin and her fiance, Stephen Johnson, were on a cruise in Mexico when, out of nowhere, Stephen fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. They diagnosed him with pancreatitis, diabetes and a kidney infection.

But it does not end there. He got the treatment he needed, seemed like everything was well, and then, a week later, they brought him a bill for SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Not only did he get hit with the huge bill, but the hospital told them they could not leave until they paid it all. In the United States, our medical care may be expensive, but at least the hospitals don’t hold you hostage.

The family started up a GoFundMe page, but unfortunately, that went nowhere. Then, Tyler Perry showed up.

Tyler Perry tried to call the hospital and pay it off by card, but they rejected him. So instead he wired the money straight to them so the Atlanta couple could finally return home.

Sources told TMZ that the couple should be released the second the wire transfer is complete, most likely on Tuesday.

Tyler Perry has lived a very incredible and productive life. From his humble beginnings growing up in New Orleans with a church loving mother and abusive father, he moved to Atlanta to pursue his love of theater.

In Atlanta, he spent his own life saving to create a Christian themed, pro-family play I Know I’ve Been Changed, which Perry retooled for nearly 6 years before it took off.

However, it was Diary of a Mad Black woman that really turned Tyler Perry into the legendary filmmaker we know and love. That was when he created his best-known character Madea.

Since then Perry has gone on to write a ton of different films and TV series, many focused on Madea, and has racked up a massive $600 million fortune. Clearly, he is still using his money and position to help those in need, and Stephen Johnson and Tori Austin can testify to that.

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