VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren Interrupted by Black Protesters During Speech

Black Protesters interrupt Elizabeth Warren events
Black Protesters interrupt Elizabeth Warren events

A large group of angry black protesters interrupted a speech by Elizabeth Warren during a campaign event at historically black Clark University in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday.

The protesters were all wearing matching t-shirts reading  “Powerful Parent Network”, a pro-school choice organization.

They shouted: “We want to be heard!”

That’s when Congresswoman Ayana Pressley, the only member of the Socialist Squad to endorse Elizabeth Warren, took the stage to silence the protesters.

“I want to say something,” Pressley said when she took the stage. “No one is here to quiet you, least not this black woman, who know what it is when people have tried to put me in a corner and tell me to be silent.”

“You are welcome here,” she continued. “The senator is here to talk about the contributions fighters like you have made to history.”

“So, I want to just say something, so in this moment there are many people who do not know this story because we have been rendered as a historical footnote in history. So I am going to appeal to you, to not dishonor this history. We are grateful for your activism and your voice, and you are welcome here, and we would love to convene after this about the issues that you are here to stoke our consciousness about.”

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She added, “When these women have been ignored this lone, this is their moment, and we are going to hear the story,” at which point many of the protesters got up out of the bleachers and left the event.

School choice, which the protesters were arguing for, allows students to use the money that would be spent on their public schooling to instead go to private and charter schools. Advocates of school choice, many of whom are Republicans, argue this gives better options to underprivileged students.

Before Warren was interrupted, she had been speaking about empowering black women.

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