Witness David Holmes Admits Ukraine is ALREADY Investigating Bidens

During Thursday’s impeachment hearings, impeachment witness David Holmes seemed to admit that Ukraine was already investigating the Bidens before President Trump got involved.

The shocking claim came near the end of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s round of questioning. She posed 3 “key” questions to both Holmes and fellow witness Fiona Hill:

  1. Did Ukraine ultimately receive military aid?
  2. Was there any investigation into the Bidens?
  3. Was there a meeting that occurred between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky?

Despite all three of the questions having mostly ‘yes’ answers, it was during the one about the Bidens where the bombshell allegation from Holmes was dropped. Holmes said:

“Ummmm…They did not open a NEW investigation into the Bidens, correct.”

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Previously it had been widely reported that, despite Ukraine investigating Hunter Biden’s company Burisma Holdings, none of the investigations ever touched the Biden family directly. In fact, it had been declared unfounded and a “conspiracy theory” by many talk show hosts and Democrat congresspeople.

The revelation that Ukraine may have already been investigating the Biden family draws even more doubt to the notion that President Trump had pressured a foreign country to investigate his political opponents. It also adds more scandal to the Biden family in the middle of a presidential primary. Just this morning PEN Media reported that Hunter Biden received paternity test results proving that a baby he had previously denied was his.

Interestingly, David Holmes had a hard time with question number 3 as well. He seemed to insist that President Trump’s meeting with Zelensky at the United Nations General Assembly this year did not qualify as the promised meeting since it wasn’t in the White House. Fiona Hill, on the other hand, gave a simple ‘yes’.

David Holmes, a career diplomat, was present on the phonecall between Trump and Zelensky.

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