Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid Make Up After Social Media “Beef”

Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid are apparently good with each other, after a recent social media, specifically Instagram, “scandal”.

This is the day and age of people getting hurt feelings on social media from something as little as a deleted post. Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid are, apparently, not immune, and their fans LOVE to speculate and stir things up.

The most recent drama started when Bella posted a picture on Instagram and Selena commented “stunning…”. Then Bella deleted the picture…O.M.G! Now let the rumor mill spin.

People first hinted that there was bad blood years ago, after both beautiful stars had dated singer The Weekend.

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So, during the midst of the swap off dating by The Weekend, of Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid, they unfollowed each other.  Makes sense to me.  Rather healthy behavior even, I would say.

But years later, apparently, Bella Hadid has never “followed back” Selena on Instagram. Is it a big deal?

Come on, social media!  Let’s break this down like the two stars are what they are:  real, living, breathing humans with feelings.  They both date this guy.  Who wants to follow another girl (or guy) that’s dated or is dating an ex?  I mean, maybe.  If you want to keep breaking your own heart over and over again.  Am I right?

And now, some time later, one girl posts a nice compliment on the other girl’s Instagram.  Then the other girl deletes the whole post.  Selena Gomez might not have even noticed until her fans, the one who read SO MUCH into likes, deletes, adds, etc. etc. etc., made all kinds of assumptions.  As they do.  And now the two girls have made up… maybe.  Bella reportedly went out of her way to chat with Selena and explain that she took the pic down because she simply didn’t like it.

But one has re-added the other and the other has not yet reciprocated.



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