Country Music Star Sam Hunt Was Just Arrested for DUI in Nashville

Sam Hunt has been arrested for DUI in Nashville, TN.  He was allegedly driving the wrong way on Ellington Parkway, a pretty busy street, as if all streets in Nashville aren’t busy these days.

Hunt is a big star in country music.  Stardom has been an adjustment for Hunt.  When he went to Nashville, he became interested in songwriting, where he could be behind the scenes.  But he became a star quickly, after his debut album, Montevallo.  

Hunt has said:  “The celebrity that comes with this job in this society is a little bit strange for me, the pedestal that you get put on … I guess it’s just feeling a little bit undeserving of the attention and the focus being on me just for creating some music, because music is not really a reflection of your character or your morality, the things that I feel like are more deserving of attention.”

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Hunt put that song out a couple of years ago, but it portends of things to come. I mean, it talks about drinking too much, but also of fame and how Hunt feels about it.  Sounds like quite a heartbreak, too.

Hunt allegedly had a difficult time giving his ID the the police, offering instead a credit card and a passport.   He was the only person in the car, and he allegedly admitted to having consumed alcohol.  The cops found two empty beer cans.  This kicker is that his blood alcohol level was allegedly measured at .173.  The legal limit in Tennessee is .08.

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Of course, Hunt, like any American, is innocent until proven guilty.  That’s one of our most important rights as Americans, because without it we would become a police state, and we would all be at risk of losing our freedom.

But for argument’s sake, is there really any reason for anyone to drive drunk, in this day and age?  With taxi’s, Uber, Lyft, etc.?  And surely someone like Hunt, if he was, in  fact, driving while intoxicated, has the money to afford all of those things?  Heck, he probably has the money to afford his own driver.

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