Ariana Grande Just Announced Who She Wants for US President

Ariana Grande just made it clear who she will vote for for President of the United States.  She is a Democrat, so she will first have to vote for her Primary candidate.  And her choice is…


She just tweeted about Bernie after he attended her concert in Atlanta.  He is there for the next Presidential Primary debate. In the tweet, Grande calls Sanders “MY GUY”:

Ariana Grande is making a big effort to get her concert-goers registered to vote.  During her “Sweetener” tour, she partnered with Headcount, a nonprofit voter registration group, to help get her fans, mostly young people, registered.  And it’s not just concert-goers.  She has also said “If you can’t be there to register on-site, text ‘Ariana’ to 40649,” and “[e]ach and every one of you makes a difference.”

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Ariana’s fan base is very strong and they listen to what she says.  As proof, HeadCount, who partners with other artists, announced that it registered twice as many voters during “Sweetener” as any other tour over the last three years.  In fact, her “Sweetener” tour has been the most successful event for Headcount since Barack Obama ran in 2008.

So now that Ariana has announced her guy, Bernie Sanders, it will be interesting to see what happens to his poll number.

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