Wikimedia Website Labeled First Lady Melania Trump a “Sex Worker”

Wikidata Labeled First Lady Melania Trump a "Former Sex Worker and Porn Star"
Wikidata Labeled First Lady Melania Trump a "Former Sex Worker and Porn Star"

First Lady Melania Trump was listed as a “former sex worker and porn star” on the Wikidata website.

Wikidata, a data website owned by Wikimedia and associated with Wikipedia, had the salacious claim about the First Lady listed on their website for over a week.

Since many Wikipedia websites use Wikidata’s information, the claim appeared on Simple Wikipedia, a version of Wikipedia made for children.

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According to a report from Wikipediocracy by former veteran Wikimedia administrator “Fram”, the claim about the First Lady was added by a “vandal”. However, Fram claims it took over nine days for them to remove the claim.

Fram reported that the website has also had salacious information added to it about other major public figures including Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh who was labeled as a “rapist” between March and June.

On most Wikimedia pages, the “porn star” and “sex worker” claims against Melania Trump would have been contained to a single website. However, since it was posted to Wikidata, the claim was able to appear on both Wikicommons for images as well as Simple Wikipedia.

Vandalism has been a serious issue for many of the Wikimedia websites. Wired reported previously that Apple’s Siri had accidentally tricked Wikidata into claiming that Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee had died 4 months before his actual death. That particular issue was removed within hours.

trump and melania veterans
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The Wikimedia Foundation banned Fram, leading to his decision to expose the companies issues with vandalism and, as a result, unreliable information. Fram was banned after claims that he was uncivil with error-prone members. His ban prompted an unprecedented revolt of dozens of other Wikimedia editors.

First Lady Melania Trump participated in a single softcore porn video when she was significantly younger. She is currently married to President Donald Trump and they have one child together, Baron Trump.

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