Former Ukraine Prosecutor: Yovanovitch Lied About “Do Not Prosecute List”

Former Ukraine Prosecutor Says Yovanovitch Lied about Do Not Prosecute List
Former Ukraine Prosecutor Says Yovanovitch Lied about Do Not Prosecute List

Marie Yovanovitch has been caught lying once again, this time in reference to a “do not prosecute list” allegedly handed down to her from the Obama administration.

During Friday’s hearing, Yovanovitch asserted that the aforementioned list never existed and that the Ukrainian prosecutor who mentioned it originally, Yuriy Lutsenko had retracted that claim.

Marie Yovanovitch: “As for events during my tenure in the Ukraine, I want to reiterate first the allegation that I disseminated a ‘do not prosecute’ list was a fabrication. Mr. Lutsenko, the former Ukrainian prosecutor general who made that allegation has acknowledged that that list never existed.

The inaccuracy of former Ambassador Yovanovitch’s statement was pointed out by FOX News host Lou Dobbs. Dobbs responded to Yovanovitch’s statement, saying:

Lou Dobbs: “Oooh, not quite! Not quite! As an investigative journalist, John Solomon and The New York Times have both reported Lutsenko denies that he never retracted that allegation.”

Lutsenko has said that all reports claiming he retracted the statement about a “do not prosecute” list are false and based on a bad translation of an interview.

The newest lie by Marie Yovanovitch would add to a horrible record of lying to Congress for the former Ambassador to Ukraine. Despite the lack of evidence to prove the existence of the alleged do not prosecute list, she has absolutely been caught lying under oath at least twice.

During the same Friday hearing, Yovanovitch was caught lying during her opening statement when she claimed that the Obama Administration had never brought up Hunter Biden or Burisma Holdings to her.

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Just hours later, she admitted to Congresswoman Stefanik (R-NY) that the Obama State Department had actually coached her on how to answer questions specifically about Hunter Biden and Burisma during her practice for her Senate Confirmation hearing.

Marie Yovanovitch lied Twice Under Oath
Marie Yovanovitch lied Twice Under Oath

She was also caught lying during her closed-door hearing less than 2 weeks ago. She told congress she ended communication with Democrat Congressional staffer Laura Carey, instead directing her to the State Department.

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The truth is, however, that Marie Yovanovitch continued speaking with the Democrat to set up a meeting or phone call. This all took place within 2 days of the whistleblower report being filed with the ICIG.

With all of this significant evidence that Yovanovitch is an unreliable witness, it is hard to see how her testimony could possibly be used to bolster Democrat impeachment attempts against President Trump.

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Marie Yovanovitch lied Twice Under Oath

Marie Yovanovitch Caught Lying Under Oath Twice During Hearings

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