Miranda Lambert Didn’t Join in Standing Ovation for Blake Shelton at CMA’s

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton both attended the recent Country Music Awards, or CMA’s. Miranda attended with her new husband and Blake was there with long time girlfriend Gwen Stefani. Miranda remained seated during the standing ovation Blake received for his performance of “God’s Country.”

Courtesy of Country Cast via Youtube.com

Miranda’s behavior may have looked a bit petty of course. But she does not want to appear fake either. There is no love lost between the two, since their 2015 divorce. In fact, it appeared for awhile that they did not even attend events if the other was going to be there.

But things appear to have changed. A source close to Miranda has said: “She’s so incredibly happy and satisfied with her life now and her marriage to Brendan. She’s at a point where she’s deeply grateful that things didn’t work out with Blake, so seeing him is no longer any sort of issue for her.”

Miranda and Shelton were both up for awards this year, so I guess both thought it important to appear. But I don’t know…it seems if you’re really “over” someone, you could stand when everyone else in the room is standing. It’s just polite, really.

Reportedly, Shelton and Stefani danced along to Miranda’s performance of “It All Comes Out in the Wash,” although they did not stand either.

Courtesy of Us Weekly via Youtube.com

It’s got to be difficult to have your relationship, especially the bad/sad parts, displayed before the whole world. Although it’s been four years now for Miranda and Blake, I try to imagine what I might do if I had to sit and watch my ex-husband receive a standing ovation at an awards show. Maybe I wouldn’t want to be fake either.

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