CNN Interviews Alabama Fans About Trump, Get Surprise Response

cnn interviews alabama
CNN got a surprise response from this Alabama football fan about how fairly Trump has been treated during impeachment. (Twitter)

CNN recently interviewed Alabama football fans about the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and whether they thought it was unfair.

The first man interviewed said that Trump has been treated fairly.

The second man said, “No. No, I don’t, I don’t because when the man tried to help the country and you’re still trying to find a situation to throw out his character…ain’t no perfect president…but I think he’s been treated unfairly.”

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A woman attending the LSU-Alabama game also chipped in saying that the impeachment process is “ridiculous and unfair.”

“I wish they would focus on getting stuff done instead of harassing the President,” a woman said.

Back in September 20, CNN’s Martin Savidge also travelled to a traditional stronghold near Lake Superior, Minnesota near the Iron Range area.

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CNN got a similar response from voters that said Trump is “our guy.”

Savidge says near the end of the video that “They didn’t leave the Democrat party. The party left them.”

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