Alexander Vindman Testified That He Advised Ukrainians To “Ignore” President

Alexander Vindman Testimony
Alexander Vindman testimony transcript released recently. (Twitter)

The testimony transcript of House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff’s star witness Alexander Vindman was released and there are some interesting revelations hidden in it.

One of the highlighted pieces of testimony showed that Vindman believed that the President “demanded” something from the Ukrainians.

John Ratcliffe: Schiff should be disqualified from impeachment investigation
Rep. John Ratcliffe, a former prosecutor, destroyed Vindman in the testimony transcript. Read below.

Representative John Ratcliffe shut him down on the statement.

Ratcliff asked Vindman about the “election call” and said “I’m going to ask you about the last paragraph that starts: “I was concerned by the call. Before I do, did you write this statement?

Alexander Vindman
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman altered Trump phone call transcripts according to testimony (Fox News)

Vindman responded, “Yes.”

Ratcliffe shot back, “Okay. So these are your words?”

Vindman said, “Yes.”

Ratcliffe then said, “Anything about these words you want to change?”

Vindman, “No.”

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Ratcliffe then said, “Okay. so in here, you… in the paragraph before, you reference that: The transcript is in the public record, we are all aware of what was said. I was concerned by the call. I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen.”

“You said: I did not think it was proper.” You didn’t say it was not proper. were you uncertain?”

Vindman replied,”I did.”

Ratcliffe: “All right. Then do you want to change your statement to say that it was not proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen?”

Ratcliffe then demanded that Vindman tell him where in the call that the President demanded anything from the Ukrainian President.

Vindman could not name anywhere in the transcript that the President demanded anything and Ratcliffe gave him as much time as he needed.

Ratcliffe then nailed him saying, “You just said you reported it because you thought there was something wrong, and I’m trying to find out if you were reporting it because you thought there was something wrong with respect to policy or there was something wrong with respect to the law.”

“And what I understand you to say is that you weren’t certain that there was anything improper with respect to the law, but you had concerns about U.S. policy. Is that a fair characterization?”

Congressman Ratcliffe then destroyed the witness by pointing out how Vindman told Ukrainian officials to ignore President Trump. The officials are not detailed in the discussion.

“A week following you listening in on a phone call with the President of the United States making a request of the Ukrainian Government to assist in ongoing investigations, a member of his National Security Council subsequently told Ukrainian officials to do just the opposite and to ignore his request and stay out of U.S. politics. Is that what we’re to understand from your testimony today?”

Rep. Eric Swalwell jumped in to help Vindman when Ratcliffe attacked him. He called Swalwell “President” in reference to his failed Presidential run.

Vindman’s attorney and the Democrats then freaked out and tried to defend Vindman’s decision to tell the unnamed Ukrainians to ignore the President.

Vindman was a member of the executive branch at the time and openly ignored the orders of the President.

It appears that the Democrats are going to need some better witnesses.

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