Survivor Ep. 7 – The Idol Swap Charade

This week’s episode of Survivor saw the first power play of the season, by team Lairo’s Kellee. She managed to pull it off beautifully, but will her moves continue to serve her when the tribal dynamics change, yet again?

This week’s highlights:

  • The secret of the Island of the Idols is still being kept. Janet from team Lairo goes and–to Boston Rob’s approval–does not accept the challenge!
  • Jamal gave Noura his immunity idol at tribal, even though he was in the hot seat. Was it just plain stupidity or was there another plan?
  • Kellee masterminded a plan to keep Dean and get rid of Jack, while voting for Dean herself. She’s great at covering her tracks, but will she be called out on it when the tribes finally merge?

Watch your torches contestants! There are snakes in the grass underfoot.


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