San Francisco Supervisors Yell “F** the Police Officers Association”

San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer Leads "F** the POA" Chant
San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer Leads "F** the POA" Chant

A huge group of San Francisco City Supervisors was caught on Camera screaming vulgarities against the Police Officer’s Association (POA).

According to a video posted on Twitter, the anti-cop supervisors included a mix of past and present members including Sandra Lee Fewer, Jane Kim, Matt Haney, and more.

San Francisco City Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer took the stage, raised her hands above her head, and began to screech:

“F** the POA!”

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In a seemingly desperate attempt to save her political career, Supervisor Fewer made a public apology.

“I would like to issue an apology to the 2,000 officers of the San Francisco Police Department; I am sorry for any offense that my comments may have caused.”

The Police Officers Association (POAD), also knows as the Police Union, tend to support Democrat candidates for being pro-Union despite also being more likely to hold anti-cop sentiments. Incidents like this, however, make it significantly harder to justify donating funds and labor to campaigns that attack them.

Unfortunately, anti-police sentiments are becoming more and more common with West Coast Liberals. Many Antifa protests, for instance, show far-left protesters throwing things and screaming racist statements at police officers. They also demand their resignations.

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Despite the protests from this radical left organization, police forces have been a key part of the success of every major society in the history of mankind.

President Donald Trump tends to do extremely well with police officers and other union workers, even when their unions support Democrats. The President often advocates for showing our police officers more respect and honoring the sacrifices many of them make to keep our society safe.


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